Tuesday, December 27, 2011

you just never know

this is my 2nd post tonight, but i just HAD to write this tonight.  because you just never know.

my sister's ex brother in law was killed in a car crash this morning.  he had been at his mother's house & she wanted him to stay for lunch.  he said no, he'd better get home because it was starting to snow.  she hugged & kissed him & told him to call her when he got home & off he went.

he never called her & she began to get worried.  she called her daughter in law who hadn't heard from him & said he wasn't home yet.  then she heard about an accident on the police scanner & she "just knew" it was him.

how sad for a mother to lose a child - even a 58 year old child - 2 days after christmas.

you just never know.  none of us knows when the Lord will call us.

so hug & kiss your kids & loved ones when they leave.  kiss your mom even if you don't want to.  have lunch with someone when they ask you to.  don't be so busy that you can't take the time to be with someone.  spend time with someone.

you just never know.  it might be the last lunch you eat.  it might be the last hug you give.

i don't know if this man was a believer.  i don't know if he's in heaven or hell right now.  it's too late for him.  but not for you.  do YOU know the Lord as your personal savior?  if that had been you in that car, would you be in heaven or hell right now?  it's not enough to just know who God is, you've got to give your life to him, accept that He gave His life for you, confess your sins to Him, ask His forgiveness, make Him Lord of your life.   and then live everyday with Him.  have a relationship with Him.

because you just never know..............................

(if you're not sure & need to talk more about this, please get in touch with me.  leave a comment here, call me, email me, facebook me............just don't wait!)

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