Saturday, April 30, 2011


i've gotten so used to doing nothing, that that's basically what i did today!!!

i slept in til 9am, did my shots & had breakfast, got ready & went to our church group's stamp camp.   then i went to the dreaded (or should i say dreadful) walmart for some groceries & other things.   it was a grey, cloudy day - no sun, no tanning like i had planned.  it looked like rain all day, but not a drop.   i took a nap after lunch then i did this:

i've never had BRIGHT RED fingernails in all my life!!!!!!  it's kinda weird, but kinda fun too!!!   so far, none of them have broken!!

that's ALL i did today!!!  i'm going to have to MAKE myself do things.   oh wait --- i did fertilize the grass in the front yard & watered it -- gotta remember to go turn the water off the last section before i go to bed!!!!  

i think i will stamp tomorrow afternoon!!  i have a bunch of birthdays coming up that i need cards for & before we know it, it'll be time for stamp camp!!!

for several months i've been thinking about a lot of things - will have some major announcements soon!!  stay tuned.............

................& be blessed!!!   and PRAY for RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the bluebonnets are gone...............

...........they've all gone to seed.....but boy are there a lot of seeds!!! can't wait til next year!!!!!
now it' time for the black-eyed susans,,,,,,,
                                                        & the oleanders.......

i hope to do some stamping soon - it's been a LONG TIME!!!!!  

be blessed!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

went to work today!!

..........they want me to come back tomorrow! dang!!!!

there was a pile of work a foot & a 1/2 tall on my desk!!!!! and i deleted 239 emails (after reading every one of them, of course, to see if there was anything important in them!!!!!) and that's only the ones i deleted!!!! there are still a bunch that need action!!!! guess my days of tanning all day are over until the weekends - oh well!!! everyone liked the tan i do have & they were all happy i'm back. that was nice!!!

look what a friend gave me.............

i LOVE old doorknobs!!!! i have lots of old doorknobs!!! these are special & i love them!!!! i opened the box yesterday at church & got all excited when i saw them -- someone watching made the comment: "it doesn't take much to make you happy!" she was right!!!!!!!!!

well, i've got to go practice my memory verses for sunday school......have to recite the 1st 16 verses of james 1 THIS sunday!! i just about have them down!!!!

be blessed - i am!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!!!!!

sorry i'm a little late in posting this --- suzanne was home for the weekend & we had some good time together. this morning we had SunRise Service at 6:30 am at church under the big oak tree!!! it was so nice!!!! (today was a great easter sunday!!!) after that chuck & several couples came to my house for breakfast before we headed back to church for sunday school & church. had lunch with our "family" the mcateer's, suzanne packed & left, i took a short nap & then sat out in the backyard for my last day of tanning before i GO BACK TO WORK MONDAY!!!!!!! that's gonna be rough!!!!! it'll be like starting a new job!!!! but i'm so blessed to have a job & to be feeling so much better.

hope your Resurrection Sunday was a blessed one!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

bottlebrushes & fingernails!!

i had a nice surprise when i came home from the hospital -- my bottlebrush bushes are blooming!!!!!!! besides bluebonnets & sunflowers, bottlebrushes are my next favorite "flower". these 2 are planted in the front of the house outside my craft room window. i'm beginning to get the energy to want to make something, so i need to hurry so i can enjoy looking at these pretties while i create!!!

and.....................after 2 months of doing NOTHING...............i have fingernails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to tell my sister maggie that she had fingernails because she never did anything & i never had fingernails because i was the one who did all the work!!!!! well, i have certainly proved that fact once again!!!!!!! i even bought polish for the 1st time in forever-----cost 6 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!! whew!!! i'm sure i could have found some for less, but i went to walmart & if any of you know me very well, you know that me & walmart don't mix!!! i get nervous in there & almost break out in hives -- it's some sort of subliminal mess with your mind stuff that they pipe through the store!!!! and it was the 1st display of polish i saw after wandering for way longer than i wanted to. and it was the perfect color that i had in mind! anyhow, it's a good thing our cars run on gas & not nail polish!!!!! ----see, there are blessings in everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to everyone who visited, sent cards, or called me after i got out of the hospital. i'm feeling much better & will go to church tomorrow for the 1st time in a month!! i sure miss it!! it'll be good to see everyone & get some hugs!!!!

y'all be blessed!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

update on where i've been for the past couple weeks......

well, after being sick for a month, the dr. finally found out what was wrong with me. it wasn't mono as some of you suspected!!!!!!!!!!! my body shut down & my pancreas stopped making insulin = i have type 2 diabetes!! i even spent a week in the hospital - came home last monday evening. i have to give myself an insulin shot every morning, test my blood several times a day & count/measure all my food. please continue to pray that the levels will soon be where they need to be & i'll have the energy to do things again. got the blood pressure down though - on meds for that too.

i won't be able to do stamp camp this month - sorry. i'll let you know about may later on...

y'all be blessed!