Tuesday, December 6, 2011

this program is interrupted just one more day!

sorry.  i know i said i was going to start showing more christmas decorations, but i have to show you the birthday present from my friend joyce while the birthday is still fresh!  if i wait til later, you'll be "why is she showing us stuff from her birthday - that was a long time ago?!?!"

about 100 years ago i went to marshall pottery in marshall, tx.  i love that place!!!  it's where i got my bowls....

and all the other stuff i have in my kitchen....

when my friend joyce's son decided to go to ETBU in marshall, i told joyce about marshall pottery.  she went there & now it's one of her most favorite places on earth!  she bought me this plate there for my birthday.  it has a "place of honor" on my kitchen counter now!!!  it'll always remind me how special a friend she is!!

(she's gonna have to go back there again - with me though!!!!!  road trip!!!!!)

OK - christmas decorations TOMORROW.  (& {unlike someOne} tomorrow WILL COME!!)

be a blessing!!!!!

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