Saturday, December 3, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!!

went to bed at 4:30 am, got up at 10:30am.

the yard is raked, mowed, edged; the driveway is blown clean (again!); the lights are up on the house,

the porch is full of snowmen,

the tree is up & decorated

and so are the nativities - but i'll show you those & more of the rest tomorrow!!  it's been a long 11 hr. day & i haven't really stopped.  i'm exhausted & still have to put clean sheets on the bed, take a shower & get ready for the morning at church.

tomorrow afternoon i'll be working on finishing those 150+ christmas cards that i started in september!!!  that's all i'm going to do tomorrow afternoon.  i WILL get them done!!!  making gifts will have to wait for another day.

(bing crosby helped me get all this done today!!!!)

christmas blessings to you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You have a new tree skirt (maybe you had it last year...I'm just remembering a more country one). Totally cute! I love the bucket under the tree too. It was good to see the outside lights and tree. Made me a bit "homesick." This is the first Christmas in a long time that we haven't done stuff together. Last Christmas you were helping me with my tree base that was being stubborn. This year I literally spent 4 hours (with some help from Kevin) and stripped my pre-lit tree of all of its' lights and started putting working lights on since 2 of the 4 sections wouldn't work. I like it better this way. Yours looks wonderful! How do we have the same tree and all of your lights are wonderful? Hmmm!

We got a call from Kevin's Mom yesterday that Maw Maw is fighting a stomach bug of some sort. She has been dry heaving which is further hurting her heart. They're hoping that it will calm down because hospice said that if this continues it won't be long before it kills her. Yesterday, Mom couldn't get a blood pressure or oxygen reading on her because she was so week. We would've Totally loved having you all here for Christmas but God knew we'd need to be there. I love how He works things out! I often look back in awe of Him and His plan! He is overwhelmingly awesome!!!!

I also just want to wish you a blessed and super Happy Birthday today. We love you bunches!