Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm not lucky

i was informed the other night that i have my horseshoes upside down & that it's unlucky to have them that way. "all the luck falls out."


i'm not superstitious...

and they don't LOOK GOOD this way... sam has to LOOK GOOD!


so i'm leaving them the way i had them.



i'm not lucky.....

i'm blessed!!!!!

and i am officially on VACATION. takin' the day off tomorrow for a long weekend.

hopefully this weekend will be the catalyst for some more PROJECTS!!!!!

i'll let you know......!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

a bluebonnet picnic

today my preschool sunday school class had a picnic in the bluebonnets in my backyard. it was a beautiful day & i sure do love these kids!!! my friend jacob from work & his wife & little girl came over too!! we all had so much fun! the bluebonnets are starting to fade & go to seed---by next weekend they won't be looking so good!

lots of pictures!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TWO titles for THIS post!!!

i had a hard time thinking of a title for my post a couple days ago.

but for today's post, i thought of 2.

1. my "rain gauge"
2. sam gets some new shoes

i'm sure if i thought longer & harder, i could come up with more, but it's late & i'm tired!

a couple weeks ago dr. shockley began his sermon with a little illustration about a famous man who gave his wife an anniversary gift. HE thought it was just the PERFECT gift & she would LOVE it as much as he did. he gave her a rain gauge. she just looked at it & said, "are you serious? a rain gauge?" then she didn't talk to him for awhile!!! the pastor's point was, be careful what you gift people with. YOU might think it's the perfect gift but the recipient might not feel the same way!!! he, of course, tied this all in with the sermon he was preaching.

well, i got a gift last night that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! some people would consider it a "rain gauge", but i consider it PERFECT!!!

my "man with a circular saw" gave me a pair of rusty old horseshoes!!!!!! and i hadn't even asked for them. he thought of them & knew i'd like them & he was right!!!

so when i got home, "sam" promptly got some new shoes!!!!!!

doesn't he look handsome??!! fits his "personality" just fine!!!

the praying cowboy suncatcher was a gift from suzanne last year - a gift for no occasion, she just saw it & said she knew i'd like it!! she was right too!!

now he & lucy are all dolled up!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

teaching our new pastor's wife how to talk

it was our new pastor's 1st sunday here this past sunday. he's here in texas while his wife & 2 sons are back in california selling their house. we've seen so many blessings already & know that God has had His hand in all the details of dan coming to be our pastor. it didn't take long to "find" him, didn't take long to get him here, and now we're seeing God at work in getting their house sold quickly. it went on the market this weekend & had 3 offers - at or above asking price - within ONE day!!!! God is SO GOOD!!!!

dan's now doing a mid-week service along with prayer time on wednesdays & tonight the message was soooooooooo good!!! for time's sake, he's supposed to stay within a 45 minute block of time --- i could have listened to him all night long!!!! the way he explains things just draws you into it - makes it so personal. i'm really gonna like hearing his preaching.

it's gonna make the time in between sundays & wednesdays & sundays seem like such a long time!!!!!!

i got an email from his wife today & she said "Hi all, ( I still don’t have down when I can say “y’all” and “all y’all)..."

so i wrote back & gave her the following "grammar lesson":

y'all" is singular or plural! you can use it when talking to one person or more. "all y'all" is plural.

so you could say, "do y'all want a coke?" or "do all y'all want cokes?" ---oh, and "coke" means any kind of soda. SODA, NOT POP!!!! so if you say "do y'all want a coke?" & the answer is "yes", then your next question would be "what kind?" !!!!!!!!!!! to which they'd reply, "dr. pepper" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so that's y'all's texas language lesson for today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait til all y'all are here!!!!!!

come back tomorrow & i'll tell all y'all about these..........!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i think the hardest thing about writing a blog is coming up with the post titles!

this one could be called "things i hate to do"

or "things i wish other people would do"

or "stuff"

or "who cares about any of this stuff but me?"

or "miscellaneous"

or "? i just can't think of a title that would make you want to read this"!!!!!!!

so, for "things i hate to do that i wish other people would do because it's just miscellaneous stuff that nobody cares about except me and i'm wondering if you're still reading this"...............

this laundry has been sitting in these baskets for several days. i hate to fold clothes. well, i like to fold towels & washcloths, but i hate folding clothes. i hate the putting away part the most, because you really don't have to do much folding!

and i HATE to unload the dishwasher. i wish they'd invent a machine for that! i'd rather wash the dishes by hand than unload the dishwasher!!!! (but i hate to dry the dishes!!!! i'll let them sit & air dry - i'll make piles all over the counter before i'll dry them by hand!!!!!!)

well, the towels are folded.

the clothes are folded

now if someone would just put them away!!!!!

well, since there is no one else, i put them away.....and put clean sheets on the bed......but the dishes are still in the dishwasher!!!!!

i've got several projects swimming around in my head!!!! and a man with a circular saw has offered to help!!! now to find the time that works for both of us.............!

you're just going to have to keep coming back here & keep reading silly posts like this one so you don't miss the "GOOD" posts!!!!!!!!!!

stay tuned..............!!