Wednesday, December 21, 2011

still not in the mood, but......

i'm gonna do it anyway!!!

(i had started another post for tonight, but this one needs to come 1st!)

tonight at prayer meeting i said that i wasn't in the mood to sew.  i wasn't in the mood to bake.  i'm not in the mood for gifts.  i just want christmas to be Jesus.

a very wise 87 year old lady said, "dear, you just need to bake christmas cookies.  Jesus is blessed when you give christmas cookies to others."

well, if miss amy says to do it, i've gotta do it!!!!

so i came home from prayer meeting & immediately mixed up a double batch of my mom's christmas cut out cookies.  the dough has to be refrigerated overnight, so i'll bake them tomorrow night when i get home from work.

and i will give people christmas cookies.

and not only will Jesus be blessed, but i'm sure i will be too!

and sometime between now & whenever i'm going to make walnut bread!

i don't understand how my mom ever did all the things she did..................& i probably never will.

stay tuned for tomorrow's's gonna be a "good one".  a real shocker - but this blog is like therapy & it's something i've gotta do!!!

be a blessing!!!!  make some cookies!!!!

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