Saturday, December 24, 2011

i'm not stressed out!!!!

it's christmas eve!!!  i did bake christmas cookies friday afternoon & gave them to friends & neighbors!!   it was a blessing.  & on sunday miss amy is getting her plate of blessings!!

there are about 6 people i missed on the christmas card list. 

i have 4 friends that i intended to make gifts for, those "ideas i've had in my head since april".

i probably won't make 6 more christmas cards.

i probably won't sew those 4 gifts until....?  ...i might get them done sometime in the next year, but it probably won't be in this year!


if those 6 people get mad at me because they didn't get a card, too bad!

if those 4 friends get upset because i don't give them a gift, too bad!!

i have a couple small gifts for each of my kids.

if they get mad because they don't get more, too bad!!!  (& i'm happy to say, i don't think they will get mad!!!)

this christmas my focus is on Jesus & loving Him.

i am in love with Him & i have no room for stress!!

this is one of my most favorite nativities, but i might not have it for long.

i keep it on my kitchen counter all year long.

this plate is a special plate that i "won" several years ago at a christmas party in that "gift exchange/steal game".  then the next year i "lost" it.  & the next couple years i didn't get it, but last year i got it again!!!  now it's time for another party & there's a good chance i'll lose it again.   


i'm gonna FIGHT for this plate!!!!

well, i'd better get some sleep - we're going to grandma's today!!!!

have a blessed christmas eve!!!

(one of my friends pointed out yesterday that yesterday was "christmas adam"
you know--- because he came before eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      that's a good one, nancy!!!!)

p.s.  i've had several emails from people thanking me for yesterday's post.  it was a hard one to write, but very necessary.  i hesitated posting it, but  prayed about it a lot & really felt that i should do it.  i'm not the only one "suffering" from this.  satan is very smart & he's knows exactly how to attack us women - whether single or married.  makes it all the more necessary to be close to God so He can protect us.  makes it all the more necessary for us as women to be in tune with each other & really work on our friendships so we can encourage each other.    what's the verse that says, don't be surprised at the trials you are facing, your brothers in all the world are going through the same thing??   (i've gotta find that verse, )

i've gotta learn more scripture so that i'll know exactly where to find it when i need it.  i'm gonna work on that!

and just so you'll know --- friday's devotion was in perfect alignment with my prayer the night before!!!!!!!!   i had thanked God for my home, my home that was warm & dry from the rain that was happening outside.  i told God i always want my home to be a place where i can show people His love.    perfect alignmnet!!!  go to  and look up yesterday's devotional. 

it's such a "God-incidence"!!!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....what should i pray for tonight?   how about how thankful i am that He sent Jesus to ME.  & how He loved ME enough.

 yes, He loves me ENOUGH.

that's all i need.

i'm so blessed!

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