Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 one of my favorites - made from old spools

 this one is teeny tiny!!!  given to me by my sister in law - at 1st i thought it was just a tree.  i thanked her for it & she said, open it!  OH WOW!!!  i was so excited!!!!  the figures are tinier than the letters on the mason jar!!!!!

 this one's teeny tiny too!  it reminds me of my mom - she collected bells

 another teeny tiny one!!!!  (i think this is the last teeny tiny one!!)  this was given to me by an old friend that i haven't seen in years.  it's pewter & even though the pieces are tiny, they're heavy!  it's one of my favorites too.

 the same friend gave me these - the one on the left is from peru & is carved on a gourd & the one on the right is from tanzania & is made from clay & is VERY HEAVY!!

 i bought this one at a craft show at west oaks mall before suzanne was born!  it's been missing for the past several years - i thought i lost it somehow.  found it in the bottom of a box of "regular" decorations that i haven't put out in years!!!

 when the kids were little i would put this one on the dining room table at thanksgiving.

 and you KNOW the story of this one!!!!  i love that crippled wiseman in the wagon!!!

 same friend gave me this one - it's from italy.  she lived in england for a few years & got to travel all over so she always got me a nativity from "somewhere"!

i bought this one at the same time as the indian nativity.  it's older than suzanne!  and it's my most favorite!

i cross-stitched this before the kids were born.

i have a few more - guess i forgot to take pictures of them!    will have to do that later!

i used to have a  WHOLE LOT more, but over the years i've given some away to nieces & nephews & other friends.  there's a few i miss, but oh well, you can't have everything!!!  or should i say, you don't have room for everything!!!!

tomorrow i'll show you a really NEAT one from a very special friend...................it sits out ALL year long!!!  i love it so much!!!!  and another that i keep out all year that has a funny story  behind it!

i went to the dr. yesterday - got 2 different prescriptions.  i hope they work better than the 1st ones.  i. am. sick. of. being. sick!!!!!!!!!     besides, this weekend is our church's annual christmas dinner - & i'm in charge of it!!!!   i'm on vacation tomorrow & thursday - gotta do a bunch of sewing.  i haven't done ANY christmas presents yet!!!!!  only have a few to do, but still.............!!!  gotta get busy!!!  and like i said before, i've had the ideas for these gifts since .....  april!!!!  where has the year gone???!!!

have a blessed everything!!!!!

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