Sunday, June 30, 2013

my weekend away with my "boyfriend"....

happy as a dog with his head hangin' out the car window!!!!!

thats how our weekend in the boonies was!!!!! geronimo had his 1st "sleepover" this weekend! we went to the boonies (magnolia) for a relaxing weekend with my best-friend cindy.

while cindy & i floated in the pool, geronimo did a little tree removal for them!!! he loved it & we had a relaxing time.

and he really LOVES hangin' his head out the window, ears flappin' in the wind!!

a dog's life isn't that bad!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

who would have thought...........

......that after the drought 2 years ago...... (has it REALLY been 2 years?!?)
(that's rain in may--a total of about 20 drops fell)
texas in june 2011

......that after the noxious grasses..... (WOW!!! look at these noxious sized pictures!!!!)(how did THAT happen???!!! scroll over to the right to get the WHOLE Big picture!!)
(the blackeyed susans didn't do very well that year either)
.......that after the wheel that keeps falling off the "push" mower......

......that after "amanwithacircularsaw & a 7/16" wrench" disappeared from my life.......and i tried & tried & tried to put that dang wheel back on......

........that i would break down & buy a gas powered lawn mower!!!!!

it's not self-propelled, just SELF-propelled!!! i still have to PUSH it, but it's a good workout! and it's a "mulcher" so i don't have to bag the grass & it doesn't leave clumps in the yard & it fertilizes the grass in the process!!

who would have thought that after all that.......

my backyard would come back LUSH & THICK & BEAUTIFUL!!!???!!! (isn't that the most gorgeous grass!!! what a difference between june 2013 & june 2011!!!!!)
texas in june 2013

and that's with no chemical fertilizers added & just letting God water it!!!!

who would have thought?????

only God.

thank you God for my beautiful GREEN backyard!!!