Thursday, December 29, 2011

more writing on the wall!!

i have wanted to write colossians 3:12 - 17 on the ledge in the living room forever.  but i was worried that i would mess it up while writing it, so i kept putting it off. 

well, the other night i took the plunge!!!!   i was going to write it big, across the whole ledge, but then decided to write it small so i could write more verses if i wanted to!!!!!  suzanne said tonight, "every time you turn around, another verse pops up on the wall!!"

and wouldn't you know it, the one thing that i have the biggest problem with is the one thing that i messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patieence.    patience.   (it's an ugly word, when you look at it for a long time!!!!)

i think that happened on purpose - a "God-incidence" - just so God could teach me a lesson!   suzanne also said tonight, "if you had had patience when you were writing it, you might not have messed up!!"

(who asked her?!)

here's another - i've always loved this verse.  i used to have it written on an index card that i kept on the window sill above my kitchen sink.  it was really ratty so i threw it away.  i wish i had kept it.  dang!  i'll have to write another............

this verse always helped me when the kids were little & i had to do everything myself.  (what am i talking about, when they were little?????  i STILL have to do everything myself!!!!!)

i've had that sign since they were little too!!!!   i don't think anyone reads it but me!!!!!!!!

and speaking of signs, a couple i have got a makeover!    and suzanne's doing a project!!!    like mother, like daughter!!!!   (she'll LOVE that!!!!!)     i'll show you tomorrow!

be blessed - hug someone you love!!!

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