Sunday, December 18, 2011

more nativities

here are a couple very special nativities.....

this one is a lighted shadow box nativity that was given to me by my friend michelle when she worked for me at the bookstore. 

 she & i had gone shopping together, i saw it & thought it was fantastic --- but too expensive, so i didn't get it.

 well, a few days later, michelle hands me a huge box............

she had gone back to the store alone & bought me the nativity!!!  i tried to refuse it, saying it cost wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much but she said it gave her great pleasure giving it to me.   true sacrificial love & giving!!!

exactly what we should have everyday.  that's why i keep this nativity out every day of the year.   in fact, it's on the computer desk where it reminds me every day of God's sacrifical love for us.  (& it reminds me of michelle too since she lives far away in wyoming now!)

this next one has a funny story!!!

this is a christmas card from some "friends" that i don't even remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i think they were in one of our sunday school classes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back even  before suzanne was born --no!  i remember now!!!   she was a fellow stampin'up! demonstrator in the group i used to be in!  in fact, she "gave" me a bunch of her customers when her family moved!!!!  some of those customers have become VERY good friends!!!!!    (isn't it funny that she'd give me a "store bought" card instead of a SU hand-stamped card?!?!?!?!!!!)   (but that's NOT the funny story!!!!)

every year, i place this card on my counter.

it's not "just a christmas card" - it's a very special one!!!!!

i usually keep most of the christmas cards people send & this one was in "the stash."

notice the signature is scratched out.................

a little girl who was in 1st or 2nd grade took the card, scratched out the signature with a pencil, glued a piece of construction paper to the back of the card, drew some cute little ornaments............

and wrote the following letter:

 such big words for such a little girl!!!!

and i LOVE how she signed it!!!!!!  

so glad she clarified who that was!!!!!  i wouldn't want to confuse her with ALL the OTHER suzanne's i know!!!!!!

i can't remember if that year i had a "triumphant" christmas!!!  i'm sure it was joyful & happy though!!!!!!

the definition of triumphant is: "victorious, successful; rejoicing over victory or success, splendid, magnificent."

you know, come to think of it, every christmas SHOULD be triumphant!!!  after all, Jesus was born to save us from our sins, from the punishment that we are all so due.  we should be triumphant!!!  He is victorious over sin!  He is splendid & magnificent!!!!!  HE IS TRIUMPHANT!!!!

yes, in the words of that precious little girl, suzanne (my daughter), i pray y'all have a joyful, triumphant, happy christmas!!!!!

and be blessed while you're at it!!!!!

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u r 2 funny!