Monday, December 19, 2011

i've figured out my "word for 2012"!!

i've been trying to think of my "word for 2012" for the past week or so.  many people choose a "word for the year" -- one that they can contemplate on, one that supposedly they want to try to "be more of" that year, one that will encourage them to be a better person.  it's sort of like a new year's resolution, but not really!!   .......many words have come to mind, but they just weren't "doin' it" for me.......i was thinking about it this morning while driving to work & came up with it.  i thought of a good word!!!  then when i got to work & read the last couple days worth of P31woman devotionals  (i'm a little behind on them right now), that sealed it!  they fit my "word" just perfectly!!!!

(edited to add:  for some strange reason, blogger would only "let" me upload this one photo----all the others took forever  (or else didn't load) & then they were just a blank square!  sorry, from here on out, no pretty pictures, just me talking. 

and now that i think about it, that's exactly what this post is about!!!!!! 
ha!  how perfect!!!  lesson learned!!!!)

my word for 2012 is "time."

time for friendships.

time for God.

i've noticed  - & it bugs me - that i sometimes don't take enough time for people.  i am sometimes so busy that i don't have conversations with people. 

i just talk to them.  quickly.  and sometimes i leave them standing & i disappear, off to do something else.  i did that to someone yesterday morning at church & i feel really bad about it.

then afterwards i think  "what did i say to ____?"  "i barely said anything at all to ____. "  & i think of 100 things i could have said to them, things i wish i had said.  & then i'll "play out" the conversation in my head & have a really good time with "them"!   or i think "gosh, i only spent 14 seconds talking to ____ & then i moved on to something else.  why didn't i spend more time with ___ before i left ____ to go talk to _____  for 10.3 seconds?"   but more importantly -- what did the person i was "talking" to think when i just left ???

if you are one of the people that i have "talked" to for 17.8 seconds or less & then i've left you standing wondering where i flittered off to, i am sorry.  i apologize.  i WANT to talk to you.  i WANT to have a real conversation with you.  i WANT to spend TIME with you.

and then there's God.

i NEED more time with Him.  i've really been convicted about the time i spend with Him.   or rather the little time i spend.  i NEED to make my TIME with Him a priority.

dr. shockley's sermon series the last 3 weeks has been on how to love God.  one of the ways to love God is to spend time with Him.  i need to love God more.  i need to not worry about so many other things that i'm neglecting Him. 

God needs my time, not my busyness. 

  • does God care that there are no dirty dishes in the sink before i go to bed, before i read His word, before i talk to Him or would He rather have 10 more minutes with me??  

  • is it more important for me to jump up out of bed & go about my day or should i spend time with God first, seeing what He has in store for me that day? 

  • instead of rushing to the computer when i get home to see what everyone has posted on facebook, shouldn't i be rushing to my chair to pick up my Bible to see what He has to say, or pray & pour out my heart to Him & talk to Him??  shouldn't i be spending TIME with Him???

so my word for 2012 is TIME.

i will devote more time to God, more time to relationships, friendships, & conversations.  more time to you.

thanks for being a part of my life.  thanks for blessing me!

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