Monday, December 5, 2011

interrupting the christmas celebration to have a birthday celebration!

everytime i wrote the date today, i wanted to write 12-5-60!  i had to stop & think about it several times while filling out forms.  i even had to backspace on my computer & change the 60 to an 11 several times!!!!!!!

thank you to everyone who facebooked me or called me to wish me happy birthday!!!  i love you all!!!  i got taken out to lunch by one of the guys at work & then went to dinner with another friend tonight! talked to my daughter, sister & brother on the phone too, so it was a good day!!

after i got ready for work today i took some pictures. 
51 doesn't look any different than 50, so i guess i'm OK!!!!!!

 so much for the no-glare coating on the glasses!!!!

 even with no flash i get a glare!

 why do i always look like a squirrel with his cheeks full of nuts?!

i am so blessed!!    thanks for sharing in my birthday!!  tomorrow there will be more christmas pictures.

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