Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my favorite christmas book

christmas is over.  it was a relaxing time with the focus on Jesus.  & family.   i liked it.

i love this book.  i used to read it to the kids ... a few years ago....when they were little. 

 (he's cute!)

this year i read it to myself.

 four times!!!       & i'll probably read it at least one more time before i put it away!

it's about a sad, lonely old widower who eventually finds the true meaning of christmas - love.

if you can, get ahold of a copy & read it!!  or come over & i'll read it to you!!!

well, i've got some things to do --- a friend who lives in arlington is coming for the weekend!!!!  we've stayed in touch every year, but haven't seen each other in 21 years!!!!  she'll be here from thursday night til sunday & i don't have to work friday, so it's gonna be a terrific weekend!!!  i can't believe it's been 21 years since she was last here.  i remember exactly what we did the last time she was here!!!

we bought this oil painting at a craft show at west oaks mall:

makes me think of her everytime i look at it. 

i haven't  been to a mall in for-ev-er.  wonder if there's a craft show at west oaks this weekend?!  we just might have to go check it out!

it's gonna be a great weekend!  we're having a year-end prayer meeting & game night at church saturday night, then some time with other friends on sunday after church.

i can't wait for thursday night to get here!!!

be blessed!!!

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