Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i've had bronchitis for about the last month.  the dr. said the cough would hang on for awhile, but this is ridiculous!!!!  yesterday i woke up with a sore throat.  the day before i thought things were getting better.  today it was worse.  my throat was raw, my head hurt as if someone had hit it all night, my ears were aching, along with the rest of my body.   my sinuses were running & draining.   and i was coughing.  like.  CRAZY. 

i stayed home from work, took a BIG dose of medicine, rubbed a 1/2 jar of vick's on me & went to bed.  i slept all day til 6:30pm!!!!!  i'm gonna repeat the same thing right now, but 1st i wanted to uphold my promise of showing you a little christmas!!!!

i'll start with the mantel.  this year i decided that rather than put garland & nativities on it, i'd just leave the regular stuff & add a little christmas to it.  some of the pictures are duplicate views - i was playing with the settings & lighting.


please pray that i get over this bronchitis soon!  i've got too much to do to be sick!!!!

have a blessed day!!!

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from my front porch to yours - holiday mantle party


Anonymous said...

You just got all that stuff out of storage... could you be allergic to dust, mold, something in the boxes?? House looks great :-) Ann O Nymous hee hee hee hee

dorothy erdely said...

no, i came down with this WAY BEFORE i started any's not allergies, it's bronchitis, but the dust doesn't help!!!!!