Monday, November 28, 2011

rearranged the bedroom furniture

my bedroom has been the same way FOREVER..............boring!

so the other night i decided to do some rearranging.

made it a little more "romantic" & less "institutional"..............moved the treadmill to suzanne's room.  unfortunately she uses it more than i do!  maybe now that it's in her room i'll use it more!!!!!!!

forgot to take "before" pictures.............oh well, just imagine boring!!!!

here's the "after":

 the desk was in the corner by the window & closet.  now it's on the opposite wall.

 put the night stand dresser in the corner at an angle.  it was so boring backed up into the corner.

the bookshelf is in the same spot, just moved over a little.

this pillow sits on the desk - has for many many years.  it was made by my best friend cindy. 

 the porch picture made it back to this wall & the chair tapestry returned to it's former wall too!   guess they were just destined to be in those places!

those are my grandma's hankies.

i like the change!  the room feels bigger & there's lots more floor space.

just one thing missing though.............................and it's NOT a treadmill.........!!!!!!!!!!!

be blessed - i'm heading to bed with drugs!!!!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

i got plastered......

......well, not ME, but my kitchen!!!!

this is how it looked at 3pm this afternoon:

and this is what it looks like at 7:30 pm!!!!!

now that's done!!!!

now it's just gotta dry & then be painted.  probably next weekend!

wonder when i'll clean the craft room or put up the christmas tree?????

i'm bored

i've got a million things to do, but i don't want have the desire to do any of them!  but i don't want to just sit around doing nothing either!

it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo windy & cold!!!!   such a change from last sunday!!  the wind has been playing "jingle bells" on my windchimes for 2 days now.

what's that in the background?

 a sunflower has planted itself in the yard!!!!
 it's almost as tall as the 6 foot fence!
 it seems everything's confused by this strange weather!

there's a little bud in there -- i just might have a real live sunflower blooming on my birthday next week!!!!

if the wind doesn't break it or blow it away or the cold doesn't freeze it!!!

look what the wind did to my gate.......tore the post right out of the ground!!! (turns out it was never cemented in in the first place!!  guess that's on my to do list now...............)

i decided to make a pot of potato soup - haven't done that since last january!!!  and this old wives' tale really works--- put a wooden spoon over the pot & it won't boil over!!!  it works!!!

 however, there's nothing to keep the onions & celery from burning when you leave it to go check out updates on facebook!!!!!  (no, i don't cook my onions with the potato peels!they're dumped in the sink, waiting to be thrown away)

so you just have to start all over!!!!!

not sure if i'm going to plaster the kitchen or clean the craft room or put up the christmas tree.   it's too cold to put the lights on the outside of the house.  should have done that friday night when it was still hot out!

i need to get in the MOOD to do SOMETHING!!!

i think my problem is i'm lonely.  i want to have a party!

maybe if i plaster the kitchen, clean the craft room & put up the christmas tree, then i'll have a party!!!!!!

yer all invited!!!!

have a blessed, cold & windy, sunday!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

i found this on someone's blog, but couldn't figure out how to get pinterest to work & forgot to note where i found it.  if it's your's, sorry but thank you!!!  i think it's very inspirational!!!

have  a blessed thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

a beautiful day in the virgin islands!

the time is wrong - it was about 4:30 pm when this picture was taken

today was beautiful!  i came home from church, put on my swimming suit & took a 2 hour nap in the virgin islands!!  the sun was hot, the sky was blue, with not a cloud.  then i woke up to these:  how beautiful!!!!!

such a perfect afternoon!!

then i raked the pine needles from the front yard & fertilized both the front & back yards. 

i've got blue bonnets LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!  the little plants came up a lot earlier this year than usual.  i hope that doesn't mean they're gonna die & not be good come next spring.  they've been up since early october.  they usually don't pop up til late november, early december.  and there's more this year than most!!!!   next spring IS gonna be beautiful!!!!!!!!!

 i've got to stain the brick on the back of the house!!!

 they look so happy - living in the cracks!!!!

well, i promised you bathroom pictures, so here they are!!!!

suzanne's bathroom:

 i love old fashioned glass knobs.  these are just like the kitchen, but a little more clear & they don't have the metal sunburst piece in the center.

 this is the one i put on the medicine cabinets.  it looks like it's lit up, but it's not!!!!

 my bathroom:

 that basket's probably gonna find itself painted one day!!!
(but not black!!!!)

 i just love those knobs!!!! --- have a said that yet???!!!!

these 2 shelves are going to be painted one day too. 

oh- so much to do!!!!

but what a blessing to do nothing in the virgin islands today!!!!
have a blessed week!!