Friday, September 30, 2011

where did this week go???

one step forward........

                                                                         .........two steps backward.

              and i'm

                              with                   the

at least we got a FANTASTIC RAIN on thursday evening!!!!  made driving home from work a little treacherous though!  it was raining so hard & quick that the roads were flooding.

but it was beautiful!   you could hear the trees sighing!!!



i'm going to

i wrote some more verses on the doorposts!!!  i'll show you the other one tomorrow!

i also re-arranged the fireplace mantel to make it look more "fallish" --i'm not a big fall decorator --in fact, the only holiday i really decorate for is christmas.  usually things stay the same all the rest of the year, but i'm beginning to get in to changing things up every once in awhile.  i've found you get so used to seeing something that eventually you don't see it anymore.

i've got to get to bed - it's way later than i wanted to go to bed & i've got a BUSY day tomorrow!  more on that another time too!!


and be a blessing to someone!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


i just returned from 3 days in wimberly with my bestest-oldestfriendinthewholeworld!!!  we had a fantastic relaxing weekend.  we went sight-seeing, window-shopping at antique stores & saw some good antiques & some not so antique stuff; we sat out in the backyard by the creek & talked & talked & talked.  we worked on our christmas cards & watched a couple movies.

we didn't want to come home!  (but we did!)

friday evening i got to play with these.........

i fed them carrots & bread & was less than 10 feet away from them!!!!!  there were 6 of them.  that's the closest i've ever been to a live deer in the wild!!!  it was fun!!

we drove through magnolia & bastrop - the damage from the fires was something that is now forever engrained on my mind.  you can't even begin to describe it!  as dry as it is & with as much dead, dry foliage & brush, it's a miracle that things weren't worse.  some places looked like a war scene.  burned homes, cars.  and what was amazing is how the homes were burned so completely.  there's NOTHING left - NOTHING!!!  just piles of ash on foundations.  there were places on I-21 in bastrop where the steel guardrail was so hot that it turned & twisted & melted & was completely down on the ground.  but what was really creepy was how there would be a section of forest that was completely burned with nothing left & then there'd be a house or some trees that weren't touched at all & all around it was burned. 

makes you just cry for those people.  and makes you realize how blessed you are.  and that stuff is just stuff & it can all be gone in a minute.

well, here are some more pictures from the was beautiful, hot, but not unbearable.  it was sad to see all the rivers, creeks, ponds super super low, or dried up altogether.  we need rain so badly!  pray!!!

view from the front yard (where the deer were):

views from the backyard, cypress creek:

we went to several vineyards - just for the views!!!!

well, once again, vacation's over!!! 

have a blessed week!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

miscellaneous monday stuff

this could be a weekly topic - miscellaneous monday stuff - MMS!!

  • when kevin & sarah moved i gave them "things from my house" as a going away gift.  one of the things was my decorated match box.  i couldn't stand not having a cute match box - everyone needs a cute match box!! - so i made a new one!  i liked my red one, but i really like this black & white one a lot. 

  • felt naked all day!

cuz i forgot to wear my "hope" & "Jesus" rings!!!!

  • yeah, the long fingernails are long gone!!!!  they only lasted while i was doing absolutely nothing!  after i got better & started working & doing things again, they all broke & keep breaking.   (my sister's are still long though!  proves my point though!  "she who does nothing has long fingernails!!!")

  • my sister's sister is the best sister in the whole world!    (thought i'd better throw that in there after that comment about the fingernails!!  hope she doesn't "get it"!!!!!!!!!!!)

[this MAY NOT be a weekly topic........................!!!!]

  • made some birthday cards to have on hand for my sunday school class kids.  birthdays are VERY important to them!!!  these are for the boys:

and for the girls:

this was my "swap" card for our workshop on saturday:

this was one of the projects we made at the workshop - a gift card holder:

just another idea for the stocking die cut - made into a card:

playing with the camera  --- it was a good hair day!!!!  (wish i didn't have the glare on the glasses)

i have a doctor's appointment in the morning.  think i'll go read awhile & go to bed.  not in the mood to do anything else.

have a really blessed week!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

bed & dresser reveal

i meant to post this before, but forgot!  well, not really - just had other stuff i NEEDED to post before i got around to this!!!

here's the bed & dresser, before:

and here they are, done:

i'm really pleased with how everything turned out!   as soon as i put the knobs on the bathroom cabinets, i'll show you those!  i'm anxious to start the kitchen!!

have a blessed weekend!!!

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