Monday, December 2, 2013

computer crash

my computer crashed last week, so i'm just lettin' ya know that i won't be posting until i get a new computer or get the old one repaired (if that can even be done!). and there are so many posts being written in my head right now!!!!! it's sad that we're so tied to computers & that when they aren't working everything comes to a standstill.

the really bad thing is just a few days before i thought "it's been awhile -- i need to do a back up" but of course i didn't do it right then!!!! all those pictures.......lost!!! not that any of them were really important, mostly just taken for the blog. i miss the old days when we got pictures developed & scrapbooked them!!! now with digital, they either stay in the camera or on the computer & then they're gone in the blink of an eye!

i keep telling myself "it's just STUFF. none of it will matter for eternity."!!!! (i just wish eternity was already here!!!!)

sooooooooo, i'll be back, but i'm not sure when. i don't have email access right now either, so if you want to reach me, you'll have to call me!!!! on the phone. i don't text. maybe one of these days i'll be up to speed technologically, but i doubt it. they keep changing things & there are never any instructions. i'm an instructions kinda girl. i HATE just pushing buttons & waiting to see what happens. because i usually push the wrong buttons & get everything all messed up!!!

how do kids just KNOW what to do?????!!!!!!

back soon - i HOPE!!!