Sunday, August 26, 2012

this weekend's projects, part 2

so, i got out my "manly drill" & finished up some projects (after floating in the pool from 12:45 til 6:45!!! i high-tailed it outta church --after it was over with!!!-- & headed straight to the bahamas!!!!)

i screwed an antique door plate to the "door table" & drilled a hole so i could stick in an antique glass doorknob. the door is just leaning against the wall in my bedroom.

while i had the drill out, i drilled a hole in "ruby" (decided to call her ruby, since her bible verse is, "for her worth is far above jewels") so i could put a doorknob in her too!

right now she's wearing her "everyday" jewels
but she can switch it out for some fancy ones, like at christmas maybe?!

and now the weekend vacation's overwith, back to work tomorrow. only 5 days til another project!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

today's project

remember i said THIS would be involved in my next project?

well, after stamp camp this morning & then floating in the pool from 11:30 til 4:45, i came home & took down the table & moved some things around.

i moved the secretary desk from suzanne's room to the living room,
moved the keyboard to the other side,
rearranged the pictures & things on the wall,
brought an old bucket in from the garage,

& then i swept the whole floor & vacuumed!
i'm likin' this look a lot better. it looks more "grown-up"!! & it makes more space in the room. i'm thinkin' about painting the desk black, but i've gotta think about that for awhile!

next on my list is a pallet project!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

what a man did

golly! it's been a whole month since i went moose hunting to visit suzanne in dallas and now i'm finally getting around to posting about what "amwacs" (a man with a circular saw) did here at home while i was gone!

you remember THIS? --->

and how i had to take THIS to it? --->

to get to this --->

well, before i left for dallas, "amwacs" & i were talking & i jokingly said if he didn't have anything to do while i was gone he could take the tractor over & mow the field behind my house!!!

another case of a man doing whatever i say!!!! when i got home sunday night, there were 5 huge bags of grass piled by my garage door! that sweet man baled hay mowed the backyard while i was gone!!!!

(i'd like to know how he got the tractor through the gate!!!!
--the gate that HE fixed the time i went moose hunting to lumberton!! & that same weekend he fixed the outdoor faucet that i didn't even know was broken!) (a man with a circular saw is a good thing to have around, especially since he's got other tools besides the circular saw!!!)

so now i've been mowing EVERY week so his hard work won't be in vain!! that's where i'll be tomorrow tonight, if you need me, you can find me & "hazel" mowin' the 40 acres! (at least it SEEMS like 40 acres!!!!!!)

i'm so glad i found that moose at goodwill.

and i'm so happy God has blessed me with such a good friend!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"miss dorothy!! WHO wrote on da wall??!!??"

that's what a little 3 year old exclaimed one day when he & his mom & sister were at my house!!! he was utterly appalled that someone would do that!!!! and then he started looking around & saw more & more writing on the walls & just shook his head!!!!

it was the funniest thing i've ever seen!!!!

well, dear wyatt, miss dorothy has written on the wall AGAIN!!! just remember, only miss dorothy is allowed to do this!!!!!

last week i saw the following quote somewhere: "dream until all your dreams come true."

i thought that was nice, but i had a better way of saying it, a way that was more personal to me. y'all know how i've got the metal tag letters "H O P E" & the verse about hope on the wall in the living room.....& i have the ring that says "HOPE" all around the band. HOPE is a special word to me.

so, i changed the saying to say: "hope until all your hopes come true."

then while brushing my teeth before bed i thought of something else:
"pray until your prayers are answered."

of course, i had to hurry & write it on the wall. i wrote it on the wall in the bedroom, so i'll see it 1st thing in the morning & last thing at night. it'll help me to remember to HOPE & to PRAY.

i'm counting on my hopes coming true & my prayers being answered!

Monday, August 20, 2012

sam's all decked out!

THIS is the way i pictured "sam" from the very beginning. and now he's finally COMPLETE!

look at those RUSTY barbs!!!!

i LOVE him!!!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

sorry - MIA = VBS

sorry i've been "Missing in Action". it's been VBS week at our church!
i'll be posting something soon, but just wanted to check in & let y'all know i'm still alive.

today we celebrated my father-in-law's & mother-in-law's 90th & 80th birthdays! (yes, even though i divorced their son, i still claim them as my in-laws & thankfully they still claim me!) i love them both very much.

i wish i had seen this cartoon earlier...............i'm going to make it into a birthday card for pa pa. his "real" birthday is the 22nd so i can give him another card that day too!!!

'be back soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

i'm a moose hunter.....

.....i didn't intentionally set out to be a moose hunter.

and i haven't gone on intentional moose hunts.

but twice i've gone & twice i've come home with moose!

i'm pretty good, eh?!

my 1st moose i got in lumberton & the 2nd was in dallas.

WHAT???!!!! you think there are no moose in lumberton or dallas???? well, there were 2 & i got them both!!!!!

moose are not very prevalent in texas. it's easy to find a longhorn cow, but moose are a little more difficult. i had no trouble though, both times they were just THERE. i wasn't even looking for them, wasn't even thinking about them, but i got 'em!

and i'm not even attracted to moose. but they're "growing" on me. you see, "amwacs" likes moose. so, of course, i gave them to him......the 1st one i had to cut up & "fancy" it up a bit, but the 2nd one i just gave to him the way i found it. they both made him very happy. he was pretty impressed with me!!! and i was pretty proud of myself!!!

wanna see some pictures of the "mooses"?

the 1st 2 pictures are of the lumberton moose.

when i went on "vacation" to re-do my sister in law's kitchen, she was getting ready for a garage sale. she had a pile of stuff ready for a friend to pick up & said if i saw anything i wanted, i could have it. well, lo & behold!!! sitting right on top was a canvas tote bag with a MOOSE on it!!!! i thought of "amwacs" right away, but he wouldn't want a TOTE BAG! never fear! my creative mind got it's wheels turning & i knew right away that i'd make him one of my famous name frames!!! i couldn't wait to get home to make it!!!

the next 2 pictures are of the dallas moose:

suzanne & i went "thrifting" & weren't finding anything good until i turned down an aisle & screamed, "there's a moose!!!" i grabbed it so fast!! got a few funny stares from some people!!! best $1.99 i ever spent!!!

"amwacs" is pretty happy with my moose hunting skills! and he deserves these little gifts -- i'll show you next time what he did while i was "moose hunting" on vacation!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my next project

i haven't done a project in awhile --- been too busy, ladies' tea & vbs have taken over the summer!

today while driving to work i was daydreaming about a project. today at lunch i decided what i want to do!!!

it involves this:
but i can't get started on it til after vbs is over! bummer!!

see all that vbs stuff -- 2 huge boxes of t-shirts with a misspelled word on the front! 2 tables up in the middle of the living room for weeks, coloring murals for decorations! i love vbs, but i love it even more when it's all over with!!!!!

and i won't even need a man with a circular saw for this project. bummer!!!