Saturday, December 3, 2011

i am NOW in the mood for christmas!!

i honestly haven't been in the mood for christmas.

 - i've listened to christmas music on the radio for a week now
- i've taught my preschool class the story of the angel telling mary she's gonna have a baby & his name will be Jesus
- i've been practicing "away in a manger" & "silent night" with my preschool class & the "older class" above them for several weeks now
-i've decorated the fellowship hall at church
-i've drawn 16 murals of the christmas story & colored most of them
-i've got my 150+ christmas cards almost finished


until tonight.

i was coloring a mural & listening to the radio & the announcer said that almost all the holidays we celebrate are because we're celebrating overcoming something bad (memorial day - celebrating the soldiers who died/fought for our freedom, labor day - celebrating hard work (or at least it used to be), thanksgiving - celebrating the fact that the pilgrims survived hardships, etc.............)  he said if we've been facing hard times, we should celebrate the season, celebrate the REASON - JESUS, because He loves us & will be faithful to us through these hard times.

that really made me think!  i've had some tough times this past year.  i've been sick & i'm just tired of being sick.  but i've had some good times too & God/Jesus has been faithful & He loves me & has provided all that i NEED - everything that i need!!  so i should celebrate!  celebrate HIM.

thank you, God, for always reminding me how much You love me!!  i love You sooooooo much!!!!

so tonight i did some cleaning & a few other projects & tomorrow i will decorate, put up the tree & the lights on the outside of the house.  i will work on my christmas cards & finish them.  i will start on those christmas gifts that i've had plans for since APRIL but haven't even started yet.  in my head they look so cute!!!!

i'm in the mood for Christmas!!!!

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