Saturday, February 4, 2012

this past week

here's what i've done this past week:

  • burned everything i've cooked! (didn't take pictures, but should have!!)
  • cleaned the house for the 1st time since i took down the christmas decorations (it's only me, so it's not like it gets THAT messy or dirty!!!!)
  • read 3 books, halfway done with another
  • went to bed early one night
  • went to bed really really late one night
  • boiled vinegar in the burnt pan to try to get the burnt off of it!
  • three times!
  • had dinner with a friend (she didn't burn anything!)
  • had lunch with another friend (the restaurant didn't burn anything!)
  • helped a friend -- that felt really good!!
  • stamped a bunch of stuff from sets i borrowed from friends so i could have them ready to make cards & things whenever i want
  • made a batch of salsa - haven't had any for several weeks - was eating too much of it!!! but it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!
  • scrubbed the burnt pot -- still have more scrubbing to do!!
  • taught a friend how to stamp
  • found a recipe for some chewy choclate-less brownies
  • baked those chewy choclate-less brownies & didn't burn them!!!!!!!!  (set the timer & watched very carefully!!!)
  • ate too many of those chewy choclate-less brownies
  • got suzanne ANOTHER retainer
  • built a bookshelf, moved the quilt rack
  • re-arranged some things on the walls -- this wall has always been big & empty because i just wasn't sure what i wanted to put here (used to be a bookshelf, computer armoir in this spot)
  • procrastinated --- yes, even with doing all this, i managed to get some procrastinating done too!!!

re-arranging left a hole in this wall -- well, not a HOLE, just an empty spot. but that's ok - i've got plans for another PROJECT!!!! i just need a circular saw!!!!!!! or a man with a circular saw!!!

i know how to work a circular saw myself though.............but the man would be nice too!!

oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! getting a little sidetracked there!!!!

have a blessed week!!!

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