Tuesday, February 14, 2012

just thinkin'......

i've always been open & honest on my blog, & i'm gonna be that here again.

a few posts back i made the statement that i had another project in mind & i "needed a circular saw.  or a man with a circular saw!"

yesterday i posted that i was going to be able to start that project next week because i "found a man with a circular saw!"

after i get the project done, i WILL post pictures here on my blog.

someone posted an anonymous comment saying:  "is THAT all you want in a man?  i have a circular saw.  AND a tape measure."

"anonymous's" comment got me to thinkin' last night...........  i've been praying for someone for a long time (about a year and a 1/2).  i'm ready.  i was  alone for a long time.  for a long time i wanted to be alone.  partly because i was used to being alone.  (you can be married & still be alone.)  last january i thought i had "found" someone, but as it turned out, God was just using him to prepare me, to teach me some more things.  i don't regret any of it & have no hard feelings toward this person.  in fact, i feel he "wasn't a stumbling block, he was a stepping stone!!"   so for months & months now i've been praying for the special person God has in mind for me.  because i don't want to live the rest of my life alone.  i read something somewhere a while back that said "put your heart in God's hands so He can put it in the hands of the one He has chosen for you."

well, that's exactly what i've done.  i've also told God He can hold my heart for as long as He needs til He has exactly the right one.  i can wait.  i can be patient.  (see, there's that big lesson in being patient that God's been working on in me!!!!!)  i've also been praying that God will make a place in someone's heart just for me.

but i really got to thinkin'------>

what DO i want in a man?

(in no particular order of importance, except for #'s 1,2,3,4,5, 6...!)
  • he must be the man God wants for me
  • he must love the Lord more than anything
  • he must be a born again, church going, active christian
  • he must love me
  • he must be faithful - to God & to me
  • he must read his Bible regularly
  • he must be mature - physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • dark hair with some grey is nice (i don't care for blonds, sorry)
  • he has to like to do things, like projects & stuff around the house --- with me, cuz i like to do projects & stuff around the house
  • therefore, he would have to have tools! (to complement my tools!!)
  • he has to be easy going & like simple stuff
  • a country-boy is good--real good!!
  • he has to be frugal - i don't like spending lots of money (mostly cuz i don't have lots!!!) - but not a cheapskate
  • has to like to get a tan (pastey white bodies are no good!)
  • he has to like old stuff cuz i'm old i like old stuff!!!
  • he must be strong - physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • he has to be a gentleman--i want someone who opens the doors for me & is kind & sweet & caring
  • he has to want to spend time together
  • he has to like to snuggle on the couch while watching a movie
  • has to like to snuggle in bed (AFTER marriage, of course!  just being honest!)
  • he has to want to be the spiritual leader of the family
  • he has to be a good pray-er (& that comes with practice)
  • he has to want to pray WITH me & FOR me
  • he has to want to be loved & taken care of
  • he has to want to love me & take care of me
  • he would rather go for a walk out in the country or just sit in the back yard looking at the sky than go to the mall
  • he has to like to hold & be held
  • he has to like to give & get back scratches & back rubs
  • he would have to have his own hobbies & interests because i have my hobbies & interests
  • he would have to understand that we'd want to be together all the time but we need our own space too
  • he would have to love his mother but not more than he loves me
  • he must treat me like a lady
  • he would have to like going antiquing in rinky dink small texas towns
  • he would have to be a good hugger & kisser
  • he would have to accept me for the person that God made me
  • he would have to realize the sign in my kitchen is TRUE (i kiss better than i cook)
  • family would be important to him
  • he has to be cute - like sam elliott/george clooney cute! (or just have sam elliott's voice!)
  • (& if he likes sam elliott/george clooney movies, all the better!)
  • but looks aren't the only "cute" - his personality can make him cute
  • he has to have hair - no baldies!!!
  • he has to like to be outside
  • he must be honest & trustworthy
  • he must be confident
  • he must have a firm handshake---i hate wimpy handshakers!   be a man!
  • he must respect me for who i am, what i can do
  • but he still must be the leader & must still treat me like a lady even when i'm using power tools & building something!
  • he must be able to talk, carry on a conversation, communicate as equals, on an equal level, not never talk or always be the only one talking & never let me get a word in
  • he must be a good listener--hear what i have to say, consider what i have to say & then make a decision about what to do
  • he would make me feel like the most important person in the world because he would be the most important person in the world to me
  • he must realize that i would do each & every one of these things for him
  • he has to like mexican food, chinese, & BBQ

i'm sure that if i thought more, i could come up with a bunch of other things, but this is a good start!!!

know anyone who fits the qualifications??!!!

i also realize that some of these qualifications i just threw in for fun (he doesn't REALLY have to look like george clooney -----sam elliott, yes, but george, no!!!!!!!!!!)

but he REALLY REALLY DOES have to be the man God wants for me.

happy valentine's day everyone & thanks for reading my blog --- & commenting.  but PLEASE, if you must post "anonymous," write your name in the post!!!!!

and you with the tape measure, call me!!!!!

be blessed!!!!


    Anonymous said...

    ok- nb here. I cant sleep either. I have a tape measure but I don't qualify on your list. I dont even know WHO Sam Elliot is! I will pray that God gives you the desires of your heart.

    Anonymous said...

    Who's Sam Elliott?