Tuesday, February 21, 2012

country livin'

my sister in law lives in lumberton which is just north of beaumont.

out in the country.

when i was painting her house this weekend, i took down the air vents so we could clean & paint them.  i unscrewed one of the ones in the living room & tugged on it.  some dirt & dust & other "crud" fell out when i pulled it down, along with something else.

i thought it was just insulation.

it was hangin' & i didn't take the time at the moment to pull it down.

the next day,  i took a closer look.

that AIN'T insulation!!!!

that's a snake skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that thing hit me in the face when it dropped down the day before!!!!  YUCK!!!!

well, this girl doesn't care if it's just a skin, doesn't care that it's dead, doesn't care that it's any empty skin.  this girl ain't gonna touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it's a snake for all i care!!!  once a snake, always a snake!!!!

i'd rather come up against a bear or a mountain lion, but not a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   it makes no matter that i grew up on a farm out in the country.  i don't like snakes!!!!

but i was the only one home & i was the one doing the painting & i was the one that needed to get rid of that thing!!!!

but i ain't touchin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i did what every smart girl would do----i got 2 forks & speared it like salad & pulled it down outta that vent!!!

it's about a foot & a half long!!!!

thank goodness it was empty (& dead!!!)  or i would have run all the way back to houston in record time!!!!!!!

 i saved it for my sister in law - she wanted to throw it away, along with the fork!!!!!!!!!

makes me want to reconsider my desire to move the the country!!!!   NOT!  i'd move in a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (but someone else is gonna have to hunt & kill the snakes!!!!)

i always said, "if it had been ME instead of EVE, i would have RUN from that snake.......!"

be blessed!!

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Anonymous said...

hey- nb here. the shed snake skin would not bother me.... it is the THOUGHT of the LIVE snake slithering around the vents that would freak me out! lol. See u 2night!