Thursday, February 9, 2012

i need sunshine

it's been so grey & cloudy & rainy & gloomy & cold.  i'm depressed.   i NEEEED sunshine & blue skies & hot!!!  i NEEED to be outside!!!!     i NEEEEEEEEED it to be summer!!!!!!!

in the meantime, here are pictures of the pastor's office remodel.  unfortunately, i don't have pictures of BEFORE because i was out of town when the office got gutted & they forgot to take pictures.   i can assure you though that it went from "another century, long long ago" to "present day"!!!!!!

here are the "under construction" shots:

the ugly brown beams were taken down from all around the room.  made the room appear larger & taller.  that's dust on the carpet from removing the beams, not paint!

the old texture of the walls -- there were about 4 different textures on the walls!!!

there used to be bookshelves on this wall. those baby blue stripes are the old paint where the shelving rails used to be.
this beam is structural, so it had to stay, but it got painted.
i retextured the walls & initially "painting the ceiling" was not in the original plan, but i found out that the ceiling hadn't ever been painted (or at least it was a crappy job) & it was very dingy so plans changed & i painted the ceiling.  paint sprayers are wonderful inventions!!!!!!
ceiling's all done, beam is primed

beautiful white ceiling, new light fixtures, walls & beam getting painted!

originally "they" wanted to leave the carpet so i was VERY careful, but the longer i worked on this room the more i hated the worn ratty carpet, so i convinced "them" that we needed to replace the floor.  my friend joyce was in 100% agreement!!!  i think SHE may have been the one to actually convince "them"!!!!   so up came the carpet (that was worn all the way bare to the floor under the pastor's old desk area!!!) & down went beautiful laminate flooring!!!!

8 of us worked on this floor (plus a few kids doing "quality control")

ben & bruce doing what they do best-----nothing, but holding up the wall!!!!!!

there was a reason for these 2 pictures at the time, but i've slept since then & now for the life of me, i can't think of what that reason was!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh--- it could be we have 12 feet done, 9 feet left to go................?????!!!!!
we got all but this much done in one morning!!!   it was fun learning how to lay flooring!!  (now i want to put it in my bedroom & craftroom!!!!  $$$$$$$$!!!)

and HERE

is the finished product!!!!!  (except i have some touch up to do this weekend since the AV guys re-wired the place for phone & internet!!)(and they did a fantastic job!!!  so professional!!!!!!)  (sorry for the glare in some of the pictures - the glass & wood is just so shiny without any books or anything!!!)

TA DA!!!!!!!!  :

 there will be 2 "comfy" upholstered chairs in this corner by the table
 pastor's desk area used to be over by the window, but now it's across the room in this corner---- all new furniture, desk, credenza, bookshelves, file cabinet.....   oops!  that ugly trash can should be UNDER the desk!!!!

 that white thing for cords & cables in the corner & center of the wall will be painted to match the wall this weekend.

that beam doesn't even look like a beam anymore!!!

 new conference table, old chairs; we'll be putting some plants/trees in the corners, etc. & doing other "pretty-ing up" & "fluffing"!!!  gotta make it perty too & not just masculine!!!!!

 i love LOVE the texture on the walls!!!!  it's like i've done in my house & i LOVE IT!!!!

 with the flash, you can see the truer color of the walls (& the glare off the glass!!!)   the color is lyndhurst stone from lowe's
 doesn't the desk look so much nicer with the trashcan hidden??!!!

 MUCH nicer bookshelves!!!  (and they're not black!!!  how about that??!!)

welcome to the 21st century!!!!

 i love the crown moulding!!!   this wall with the window looks soooooo much taller without that ancient beam!! 

the floor is gorgeous & the whole room looks sooooooooooooooooo much bigger!!!!   it's so beautiful!!!!   joyce & i are going to let the new pastor pick his own artwork for the walls (but it has to be approved by the 2 of us 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

now i'm expecting some really good sermons to be written in this beautiful office!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ha ha ha!!!

who would have thought that 6 months before, i almost died!!!!!  
God is sooooooooooo good!!!!!

i am for hire if anyone wants walls textured or painted    or wall paper removed    or cabinets refinished, or.................................!!!!!!

be blessed!!!!


Amy said...

I saw the office a few weeks ago and was REALLY IMPRESSED. Forgive me for neglecting to tell you so, but thanks for reminding me with this post. EXCELLENT job, Dorothy!!!

dorothy erdely said...

thank YOU, amy!!!

Stacey said...

What an amazing job!! It looks so much better! I fully approve, dear lady! ;) Who is the new pastor?

Nancy Brown said...

Kevin and I used to talk about ways to fix up this office, but you all have done an amazing job! It's beautiful! Now it really looks like a pastor's study.

dorothy erdely said...

stacey - his name is dan phillips. he & his family are from california. he'll be here march 18