Saturday, February 25, 2012

sneak peeks at my circular saw project!!!

so my "man with a circular saw" came over this afternoon & we did my project!!  in fact, we did 2 projects!!!!

i stained one of them this evening after i came home from dinner with some friends.

i'm only going to show you these peeks...............

i'll show you the rest of the pictures of us making it & the finished project after it's all dry & in place!!!!  

i LOVE it!!!!! 

it makes me happy just looking at it!!!!

it's been a great weekend - hope your's is blessed too!!!


Laurie said...

now i see... reading backwards will always confuse someone, lol. I didn't know that guy goes to the church. how nice he did all the cutting work for you! well, i'm done reading tonight, hope you have lots of fun projects planned!

Laurie said...

oh nevermind! I thought i commented on the other post when I said you didn't approve my comment. WHOOPS!!! MY mistake!!! It was on this post. How shameful of me.
Well, thanks for all the project info, I like reading about it! Makes me want to try some of my own. Although, I may have to have Bruce on my speed dial.