Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the circular saw project, part 2

i hated to have to make y'all wait for the reveal of this pallet shelf, but there were just too many pictures & yesterday's post would have been waaaaaaaaaaay too long. 

besides, i needed to have something to say today!!!!

here's the shelf in the process of being stained:

i left the wood all rough & rustic.
this sucker ate up 4 foam brushes!

i love the "character" it has -- all the gouges & knots & the ridges on the front board.....

she's beautiful!  now hurry up & dry, stain, so i can hang her up!!!!

yes, it's a SHE.  she's a beautiful old woman.  there ain't nothin' girly about her.  she's a tough old girl that's been around a long time & has the scars to prove it, but she's strong & she's a survivor.  she could have been tossed out in the dumpster, but she was saved.  (she reminds me of me.)  she just needed someone to love her.

and she's beautiful and she gives me courage & hope.  and i love her and she's mine!

the next day after church, i hung her.

(sounds like a western movie!!!!!  one that sam elliott would be in!!!!!)


it was a little awkward holding her, the level, the 2 nails (that were dipped in "widow's oil black paint"!) AND my girly hammer.  i could have used another couple pair of hands, but i managed.

she fit in the spot just perfectly!!!  i hung the old bibles picture above her.

she reminds me of a hymnal rack on the back of an old church pew!!!!

we drilled holes for the nails to go through the front.  i wanted the nail heads to be seen.  they're evenly measured & spaced on the top board.  i love how they look.  especially since they're painted black!

i wasn't sure what to put in her.

i knew i wanted a mason jar with a flower.
so i put a little box in her to prop up the jar so it could be seen.

the box was just the right height so the jar fit at the top of the board without the box being seen!  perfect!  i love the white daisy against the dark wood.

everything about this shelf is PERFECT!!

especially the imperfections!!!!

i didn't know what else to put in her, then i remembered i had some old picture albums that belonged to my grandma.  they look nice in there.  much nicer than stuffed in an old plastic storage box.

i hung her high so i could use the buffet for other things if i wanted, like at christmas when i have the garland on it & the nativities.  besides, i wanted her at eye level.

so i can look at her often!

i think she might need a Bible verse written under her.............i'll have to think of the perfect one for her!

cost:  $0
value:  priceless!!

oh - i just thought of the PERFECT verse!!!!   i'll show you tomorow!!!!

thanks, bryan, for all your help!!!!

i'm so blessed!!!!

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