Sunday, February 26, 2012

well, now..........!

i was told yesterday that i have a "girly" hammer.


................if i had a "manly" hammer,
what on earth would i need a man for????

silly boy!!!!!!

"she" worked pretty good! 

stay tuned for the project reveal tomorrow!!!!!!

have a blessed sunday - & if you have nothing to do, come on over & help me weed the yard - or the field!!!!


Anonymous said...

nb here. i have both kinds of hammers--for fence work i like the bigger one cause i dont have to swing so often! Little hammers are great for projects inside. So you just be proud of your 'girly' hammer. It works just fine and you are a GIRL after all!! lol Oh, and i see hands WITHOUT gloves on.... do we get to meet your helper too??

Laurie said...

Be proud of your girly hammer. I have a pink hammer, so Brad will never borrow it--if he really needed one, he'd go buy a new one than risk being seen with mine. I like that you have lots of fun house projects. When you're bored you can come help me with mine. My "helper" doesn't like fix jobs much, especially painting.