Saturday, January 28, 2012

a strange sight for the end of january!!

but isn't it lovely?!

 the virgin islands in january!!!!!!

last night i watched "beauty & the beast", danced on the couch & snuggled & rocked in the chair with this little cutie!!!!  (actually SHE was the one who danced on the couch!!!!)

i should have washed the spaghetti off her face before taking her picture!!!!!! 
oh, well, keepin' it real!!!!

we had fun!!!

and since we're keepin' it real, today i slept in til 9, stayed in my pj's all day, burned a pot of noodles & the whole house still smells like SMOKE, even with all the windows open all day!!!!

i was going to bake something, but i have no eggs.

& i'm not getting dressed to go to the store.

& i feel like doing nothing.  

wish i had someone to do it with!!!!

have a blessed weekend!!!  tomorrow's sunday!!!!   and after that comes monday......

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