Monday, February 13, 2012

happy valentine's day everyone!!!

(disregard the typo!!  i didn't make this sign, i copied it from somewhere!!)

well, in that case,
my heart
is right where
i want it to be!!!!!!!!!!!

and next week i'll be starting another PROJECT!!!!!
cuz i found a man with a circular saw!!!!!!!!!

stay tuned!!!

have a blessed valentine's day!!!!!


Anonymous said...

D- is THAT all you want in a man? I have a circular saw. AND a tape measure!

dorothy erdely said...

but are YOU a man?!!

my answer to your question: i'll take all he's got to offer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooo is this going to be a 'to be continued' story?? Who is the man with the saw? What do you need a saw for? Why a circular saw? Who calls you D? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

or are you getting all the materials to make your own guy??

dorothy erdely said...

nb - you'll just have to wait & see!!!

bjm - no, hopefully he comes with all i need!!!!!!!!

anonymous - well, bring them both!!! (but i have a tape measure too!!!! won't that be fun!!)