Monday, February 20, 2012

i'm in love!!!!


.......................with the man who invented THIS:

this is THE most fantastic tool ever!!!  (well, maybe not EVER, but it's pretty darn cool!!!!)

i spent the weekend painting my sister in law's kitchen & living room ceilings plus 6 doors.  (for the doors i used one of those little painting pads - those are great too!!!  i forgot to take a picture of it though.  i like them, but not as much as i love this!!!!)

i was all prepared with rollers & brushes, but she mentioned this paint stick she saw advertised on tv.  we picked one up at lowe's & proceeded home with it.  i told her she really didn't need to get it if she didn't want to.  i was going to be the one painting - she's not a fixer-upper & definitely not a painter - so she said she wanted to make it easier for me.


she has cedar paneling in both her dining room/kitchen, front room & living room.  bare, raw cedar.  that has never been painted.  nor does she want it painted!!!! (ie, "please don't get any paint on my cedar walls" !!!!) 

so i had to be REALLY careful.

well, with this little contraption, i was able to paint it all & not get a drop of paint anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (except for the one little dab that splashed onto the wall when i stepped into the paint tray that was there to catch the drips from the slash guard when i was sucking up more paint into the pole.)

yes, i stepped into the paint tray!!  but at least i had shoes on, so i didn't make a huge mess of getting paint between my toes!!!  i just wiped it off on the drop cloth & continued painting away on that ceiling!!!!

besides, the couch covers it!!!!  she's just going to always have to have her couch in that spot!!!!!   no big deal!!!!   (it would have washed off if i had noticed it sooner, but by the time i was done & noticed it, it was pretty dry.)

i didn't take a ton of blog pictures because it's not my house & i wasn't sure if she wanted her house broadcast all over kingdom come..............but she's getting it ready to sell, so maybe she does want that!!!!!  i'll be going back in the next few months to refinish her kitchen cabinets, so maybe i'll take more pictures then. 

that'll be  more interesting anyways, because these ceilings were just plain old white!!!!

 the previous 2 are the kitchen.

here's the living room:

that's a LOT of cedar!!!!

so, back to the TOOL!   of course i couldn't use a sprayer on these ceilings because that would have meant covering EVERYTHING in plastic.............with this, i didn't have to pour paint into a tray, didn't have to get a roller all soppy with paint, didn't have to drip it all over the place & lose most of the paint before i climbed back up the ladder to paint a few swipes then climb back down the ladder to fill the roller again.........over & over & over & over.

it's long, so i didn't have to climb a ladder at all! (the ceilings are normal 8 foot ceilings - something i don't have in my house! - so i was able to just use a step stool to do the taping & cutting in.)   i didn't spill anything, drip anything, i was able to paint a pretty good sized area with one "suck" of paint - it was GREAT!!!!!!

on the box it says you can paint an 8x8 wall in one minute!!!!!   well, let me tell you, it takes a lot longer to do a 25x25 ceiling!!!!!!!   (and they don't tell you THAT on the box!!!)

(i am not being paid by the manufacturer to endorse this product.  i just had to tell you how much i loved it!!!)

and talk about a workout!!!!!!   i "worked out" all weekend!!!!!!  i hope i can get out of bed tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   i think my muscles are in shock right now!!!!!

but it was a terrific weekend --- we had some really good "sister time", got a lot done & she fed me really well---we had mexican saturday, seafood sunday, & shrimp & steak this evening!!!!! 

my stomach is in shock too!!!  it's saying, "what???  this is not salad!!!!  woo hoo!!! we get REAL food!!!!!"

well, no one folded the 2 baskets of laundry i left & no one put clean sheets on my bed while i was gone, so i've got to do that before i can go to bed................tomorrow i've got a funny post about something i found in dana's air vents.....stay tuned!!!!!

and be blessed!!!

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Anonymous said...

nb here--looks like your weekend was awesome! Next time we need a painter i know who to call. Actually you need to forward your blog to the manufacturer! or even better--write a glowing note to them. Maybe you could get to be a tester and get free samples.... never know! Great job. LOVE the walls. we did miss you....