Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my new shelf - part 3

last night i remembered the perfect verse for my shelf.    it came to me right after i wrote "cost: $0, value: priceless". 

proverbs 31:10
"an excellent wife, who can find?  FOR HER WORTH IS FAR ABOVE JEWELS"

i wrote just the last part of this verse "for her worth is far above jewels" on the wall underneath my shelf. it says so much about this shelf. it didn't cost me anything but it's value is so great. it means so much to me.

don't give me diamonds or jewels.  that won't impress me or make my heart dance.  but if you give me a rustic old piece of wood, now that gets me excited!!!!

she also got a little "softening" -- i placed one of my grandma's old hand embroidered doilies under the mason jar.  i like how the flower on the doily is white too!

i don't know how old this doily is, but my grandma has been gone for 32 years.  i've got lots of things that belonged to her.  i'll have to do a post on them someday. 

their value is far above jewels too!

and i hope one day to be an "excellent wife".

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so blessed!!!!

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Anonymous said...

nb. :-) Love <3<3<3 how you write on the wall.