Sunday, February 12, 2012

now this is more like it!!!!!

blue sky!!!

sun, shining through the oleander bushes!!

the sun has shined 2 days in a row now!!!!  (but friday did start off VERY rainy & gloomy!)


F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G C.O.L.D.!!!

i finally broke down & turned the heater on for a little bit.  60 inside & 42 outside is just WAY. TOO. COLD. FOR. ME!!!!!    goodness!!  42 degrees is about 70+ degrees colder than what i'm used to in the virgin islands!!!!   i'll take 112 over 42 any day!!!

it's supposed to get about 10 or more degrees colder over the night.......the wind is whipping the windchimes like crazy out there.

i'm so thankful i have a home to (try to stay)  be warm in.

speaking of thankful, THIS normally would have driven me crazy:

i haven't washed the dishes all week!
i can't stand messes - gets on my nerves.  things on my nerves is not a good thing!

but the other day i looked at the dishes in the sink & instead of going beserk, i thought,
"i'm really blessed - i've eaten all week!"

i washed the dishes tonight - by hand, in really hot water, just to get warm!!!!

i hope you're blessed too!!!  and that you're warm!!!

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