Saturday, March 3, 2012

just one more

just one more "shelf post" & i promise i won't talk about this shelf ever again for a long time!

we used the whole pallet & made 2 shelves.  the one in the foyer is a girl & for some reason i want to call her "lucy". 

it just sounds like an old-fashioned name. 

but i also want to call my car lucy.

(new car - i'll post about that another day.)

but then i remembered i named the lawnmower lucy!!

i guess lucy is my favorite name right now!!!!!

back to the 2nd shelf----

meet lucy's brother:

he just looks like a boy, don't you think?!        he doesn't have a name.

i can't think of an old-fashioned boy's name that i like!

(i guess i could call him "sam elliott"!!!!!!)

i put him on the dresser in my bedroom.  (comment that was here removed because i got really convicted during yesterday's sermon.  it wasn't anything super bad, but it wasn't very good either.  made me realize i've got to be more careful with my words.)

he's just sitting there

empty.  i don't have any idea what i want to put in him.

 i love the way he "took" the stain.....

but he has a very important function............'s his job to hide the blow dryer!!!!!

.............and he does it very well.    !!!

i've been up since 4am & have worked HARD all day, so i'm going to go to bed.

have a blessed weekend!!!

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