Monday, March 31, 2014

my bloomin' driveway

the bluebonnets are in full bloom!!!!

i have to straddle this one as i drive into the garage!!!!

i've never seen a driveway that was bloomin' like this one is!!!!!! there's always been a straggler or 2 in the front, but NOTHING like THIS!!! (and the HOA is leaving me alone!!!!!)

linking to savvy southern style


nbprov32 said...

Glad you have no HOA problems... ours sent us yet another letter about taking down our "holiday lights" problem is it is the house down the street--not us! As i had to argue this point last September i am really hacked now. Left mssg saying this time i want them to WRITE me an apology letter, they offered to last time but i said that was not needed--just fix it on our account and now this shows they were not only keeping it but want to charge us i am really glad your HOA is letting you enjoy the bluebonnets!! But i bet they will fuss when the flowers die back. Will you harvest the seeds from the driveway??

Wild Oak Designs said...

Your bluebonnets look like lupine to that what they are?
So wonderful....hope your HOA continues to leave you alone....
Happy Spring!