Wednesday, March 12, 2014

first bluebonnets of 2014

my DRIVEWAY is beginning to bloom!!!!

(i got a letter from the homeowner's ASSociation (caps intentional!) telling me to "pull the weeds from my expansion cracks" in my driveway. uh, nope.!!!

this 24 year old azalea bush is blooming too!!
it's a little windy today.

the bottle brush bush is budding

and i have black eyed susans coming out already!!
amazing to think we had ice all over everything last thursday (and the days before & after were in the 80's!!!)!!

and the sun shined yesterday & today!!!!! come on summer!!!!!


dorothy erdely said...

note how all the flowers are growing OUT of the flowerbeds!!!!!!!!

Pony and Petey said...

You wouldn't believe all the bluebonnets I have in cracks! They must really like cracks for some reason.

So glad we get to be bluebonnet-loving-kindred spirits :)

dorothy erdely said...

isn't it funny!!! i should have titled this post "we've got bluebonnets in our cracks!!!!" or "bluebonnets on crack!"