Sunday, March 16, 2014

my "word for 2014"

i just realized that since i didn't have a computer in january, i never posted my "word for the year".
my word is let go.

i sort of started it last year. and it felt good.

there are lots of things i need to let go of.

* doing too much.
* trying to be perfect.
* hanging on to dreams that aren't gonna come true.
* there are people i need to let go.
* thinking i'll get back into those size 6 jeans i wore before i had kids.

i've let go of a lot of responsibilities at church. this has allowed others to step up & do. it's a weird feeling sitting back & watching instead of doing. a freeing feeling though. free to enjoy.

i can only do my best. sometimes my best calls for perfection. other times, if there are dirty dishes in the sink for days & so much dirt tracked in from the back yard that the floor crunches under your feet, so be it! let it go! (what i've really got to let go of is letting those dirty dishes & dirty floors IRRITATE THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!!)

i've got to let some of those dreams go to make room for others. and maybe the new dreams will come true.

this one's the hardest -- especially when one of those people is your daughter. but i need to let her go. let her live her own life. BUT I'M HER MOM! I WANT TO BE HER MOM! i want to shield her from every trouble. i want her life to be perfect - more perfect than mine (isn't). but life's not perfect. i've got to let go.

every once in a while i take those jeans out of the box in the closet & look at them. after 2 kids & 30 years, there's no way this butt is getting back into them. but back into the box they go. i can't let them go!!!

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