Tuesday, April 1, 2014

i got my truck!!!!!!!!!

i LOVE my tractor but i LOVE my truck EVEN MORE!!!!

i am one happy texas countrygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i couldn't believe it when doris called me this morning on my way to work & said, "you wanna stop by after work & get your truck?" if i hadn't already been almost to work, i would have gone & got it right then!!!!!!!! i'd look at the clock every hour or so & think, "4 more hours......3 more hours......1 more hour til i can leave here & get my truck!!!!!"

here are the original photos i took in dripping springs:

and here are the pictures my wonderful ARTIST friend painted for me:

i just SMILE when i look at them!!!

now i need a barn. and a cow. and a cowboy!!

(nancyb - what was that "date a cowboy" website???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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dorothy erdely said...

p.s. i've named them

"she thinks my tractor's sexy" and
"somethin' 'bout a truck"

(2 of my favorite songs!!!) and when doris paints me a cowboy, it's gonna be named
"tonight cowboy you're mine"!!!!!!!!!!

Pony and Petey said...

I am blown away by Doris' talent...I had no idea... She's amazing!!!! Thanking God right now for blessing her with the ability to paint by which you are blessed now too!

Suzan Sweatman said...

They're fabulous Dorothy !
Good luck finding your " marlboro " man !

nbprov32 said...

that cowboy better have a 'stache'!!




Pamela Groppe said...

I love, love, love them. That is my dream truck except it needs to have the 5 windows. Of course, my dream truck is operational and painted with my business name on the door. :)Your friend did a fabulous job on the paintings. Thank you for sharing!

L.Wilson said...

Holy tractors batman! Those are AWESSSOOOMMEE!!!! Sigh. I would like a Moose in the woods. with bluebonnets.