Monday, March 17, 2014

my "ranch'

my home is very "texas".

for a long time i'd wanted to give my "ranch" a name but couldn't come up with a name that was unique and ME. when i went to canton in november i saw a branded cow hide picture that said "flatbroke ranch" and i KNEW right away that that was the PERFECT name! -- it was a gorgeous sign, but since i was flatbroke, i wasn't going to spend hundreds of dollars on it!!

so what did i do? hurried home & made a sign out of a pallet!!!!
and i personalized it a bit more!

i think it's perfect!! and no one else in the whole world has one like it. and it was FREE!!!

it's been sitting on my front porch since the 1st of december and so far there have been no applicants
-- but i'm not giving up hope!!!!

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