Friday, March 7, 2014

valentine's day 2014

i usually say THIS about valentine's day:

(i'd have a hard time even getting something off the dollar menu at mcdonald's!!)

but THIS year, i had 4 dates for valentine's day!!!!!

we had a huge pitcher of margaritas, a huge platter of fajitas, peanut butter/chocolate bars for dessert.

there was music & dancing.

a fun time was had by all!!!!

and it was over with by 11:00 pm. -- it was supposed to be dinner & a movie, but apparently these younger men can't keep up with the likes of an older woman!!!!

and then there were rose petals strewn across my bedroom floor, across my bed, leading to a cute homemade card!!!

ya wanna see photos?????

my 4 "dates" were 4 of the guys from work who had no dates for valentine's day!!!!!

and the rose petals & card were from my daughter.

this picture just cracks me up ---- it shows their personalities SO WELL:

"my boys" (from left to right)
J is the "fusser" - he fusses about everything!! whines about whatever you want him to do - like take a photo! ("ugh! whyyyyyyyyyyyy do we have to doooooooo thisssssss?")
T is the "good child" - he quietly does what he's supposed to do & doesn't cause any problems
W is the "bad child" - he gets into all kinds of trouble, but just flashes you a big grin while you're yelling at him & it just makes you stop & shake your head!
B is the "smart one" - he has a scientific reason for everything & will give you a big dissertation as to why he shouldn't have to do something.

oh, & there's one more "brother" -- J -- the older one who doesn't have time for family activities! (he didn't come to the party!)

hopefully next year i'll be spending valentine's day with

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