Tuesday, March 18, 2014

daylight savings time, i love you!

i don't get home from work til after 6. it's so nice to have daylight savings time now so i can mow the grass & work outside in the evenings. so nice to have it be 7:30 and still be light out! can't wait til summer when it's 9pm & still light out! summer.........hurry & get here!!!!

i mowed the grass around the bluebonnets this evening. not as many as a couple years ago, but every year is different. and every year is beautiful! i love these texas flowers!

there are TWO in the flowerbed!!!!!

and many OUT of the flowerbed!!!!

and there's that one that insists on growing in the crack by the backdoor!!

it's so funny how they seem to love to grow in cracks!!

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