Monday, March 24, 2014

i got my tractor!!!!!

tonight after work i picked up my tractor!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

remember the friend whose bathroom i painted? the artist? well, i asked her if she could paint me a picture of a truck. she said she would if i got her a picture of one. i didn't want just any old truck off the internet, i wanted it to be MY truck. i found one in dripping springs & i found a tractor on the way to gruene.

i asked if should would do both & she said yes!!!!! she did the tractor 1st. (not gonna show you the truck picture yet! gotta wait til the painting's done!)

i wanted her to take out the hay bales & telephone pole & add some bluebonnets.

it's PERFECT!!!!!

i'm not sure exactly where i want to hang it/them, but for now the tractor is in my bedroom. i might have some major rearranging to do!!!

doris asked me what i was gonna name it. (she suggested "tommy tractor" -- nah. i think i'll name it "she thinks my tractor's sexy"!!!!!!!!!!)

it's a signed, limited edition 1/1 original -- someday it'll be worth millions!!!!!!!!

but to me, it's priceless -- just like the artist who painted it!!!!!

thank you sooooooo much, doris!!!! i love my tractor & i love you!!!!

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