Sunday, March 2, 2014

i mustache you to have a merry christmas

it's march 2nd, but i'm still working on december posts!! i think this is the last one for december; january "flu" flew by with bronchitis & the flu, so nothing to write about there. i think i had several posts that i "wrote in my head", but i can't remember them right now. i've got a few posts for february, then i'll be caught up.

right before my computer crashed, i wrote about the mustache magnets & ornaments my friend laurie made for me for my birthday.

the ornaments encouraged me to change up my christmas tree decorations. my tree is always very "country", with rustic homemade ornaments (wooden hearts with buttons & wooden stars that i made), rustic angels i made out of old quilts, snowman ornaments, my kid's "1st christmas" ornaments, various nativity ornaments, rusty metal stars, etc. and snowflakes. it's always the same, every year. the ornaments are usually in the same places too! i'm not one of those people who changes up their "themes" on their tree. i can't afford to buy new ornaments all the time -- even on sale. actually, i hate shopping -- before, during or after the holiday sales so i don't buy ornaments. i like the homemade ones more anyway.

this year i had a "sam elliott mustache tree"!!!!

i didn't put ALL the usual ornaments on the tree. i put the nativity ornaments on their special front & center location (because after all, that's what christmas is all about). i used the wooden hearts & stars & the metal stars & the red berries as "filler". all the rest of the ornaments were mustache ornaments -- the ones laurie made & a bunch i made. i had a bunch of mustache stickers & stuck them together with burlap thread. i also had some white balls that i put a mustache sticker on & wrote "'staching through the snow" on with a sharpie glass marker. (forgot to take a photo of those -- oops!)

it was fun having a different tree this past year! and it was really funny when people would look at the tree & then all of a sudden say, "you have MUSTACHES all over your tree!!"

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