Saturday, March 22, 2014

mustache fun

it's no secret that i love mustaches.
i had a mustache-decorated christmas tree this past year.

i've got mustaches in different places around the house.
(and that's only some of them!!!!!)

my friend laurie made me mustache magnets & ornaments.

my friend lorraine gave me a mustache calendar.

i've "papered" the insides of my kitchen cabinets and when you open the doors, there's a little mustache surprise inside each one!!!

i did a favor for laurie & she surprised me with a mustache keychain that she made!!! it's also got a star on it -- another of my favorites!! THEN a couple days later she surprised me with a mustache usb drive!!!!!

how funny!!!!

i have a cricut machine & i had purchased a download of a mustache set last year. when my old computer crashed, i thought i'd lost my mustaches. last week when i cleaned up the craft room, i found the instructions to load it back onto my new computer. i signed in to the cricut craft room thinking i wouldn't be able to access my downloads because i don't have the old email address anymore, but it worked! i could sign in with the old email address and still access my stuff!!!!!!! yay!!! i didn't have to buy it again!!!

so now i can make all the mustaches i need!!!!

i need to do this:

but my most favorite mustache is:


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