Thursday, March 20, 2014

cleanin' up the craft room

saturday i spent the whole afternoon cleaning my craft room. i started with the closet -- pulled everything out, sorted it into buckets, found better places for things. i decided that i had a little lot of junk taking up a lot of space & it wasn't utilizing the closet to it's fullest potential. i decided that NOTHING was going back in (except for some picture frames)!

i thought about painting the walls while i had it empty, but decided i didn't need to add more work to my list!!!

i'm "giving" suzanne the closet. since she's home from college, she's got tons of junk cluttering up her room. how did she have all that stuff in 1 room shared by 3 other girls????????

anyhow, i started in the closet & worked my way around the entire room, rearranging, sorting, putting away til i had everything in order. (not that it was out of order, but it's in better order now! i even had 2 garbage bags full of JUNK that i didn't need any more & 2 big bags of stuff to give away.

it was a very productive day!

and of course i FORGOT to take "before" pictures! shoot! i even forgot to take "during" pictures!!!! but i DID take "after" pictures!!!!

here's the empty closet waiting for suzanne to fill it! oh look! she's already started!!!!!

it was good to organize this to hold more/work's funny that at one time this cupboard held ALL my stamping/scrapbooking supplies in the living room!!!!!

sewing table (wish this would stay cleared off!!), punch & stamp storage (didn't have to do anything here - it's very organized. but i do need to make a new "inventory notebook" of my stamps. i haven't been keeping up with it when i've gotten new ones or sold some old ones.)

cutting/embossing table -- another place that gets cluttered very quickly.

didn't do much to the stuff on the shelves -- everything's in some box!!

i even organized my cords!! (tired of pulling out the wrong one!!!)

here's the desk - how it USED to be....

and here is the desk with my NEW inkpad/reinker/marker storage unit from Stamp-n-Storage. i've wanted one of these for a long time & last monday i just up & ordered it on my lunch break!!!! forever i've had my FREE turnaround display from my bookstore -- it served it's purpose, but i was ready for more organization.

i have a lot of extra markers, colored pencils, etc. i wanted them where i could easily reach them when i needed them. i do lots of coloring when i stamp. my storage containers for these were totally FREE!! they're vegetable/soup cans covered with scrapbook paper! and it took all of maybe 5 minutes to make all 7 of them (already had the one with the ribbon done).

i LOVE this "all in one unit"! and what was REALLY neat and something i didn't know until i opened the box, stamp-n-storage is a christian company!!! in the box they included with the packing slip a note sharing the Gospel, a tract & a dvd with the Gospel!!!! i thought that was pretty neat!!!! made me like my storage unit even more!!!!!!

now i need to get busy & STAMP SOMETHING!!!!

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