Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the big abandoned house

or, "is it trespassing if there's no 'no trespassing' sign?"

while i was out galavanting around the hill country in december, i saw this huge house waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up on a hill. it was way up high & a little far away from the main road but it still looked huge so i just had to drive up -- & boy do i mean UP -- to get a closer look.

see it there right under the "star"---

this picture was taken with the zoom lens.

the roads in the hill country are a LOT different from the ones in houston!!! they go practically straight UP whereas the ones in houston are basically pretty flat!! the highest peak in houston is one of the overpasses on a freeway!!! going up the hills in wimberly, my car was stressing out!!! and i'll tell you, coming down was a little scarey!!!!!! i don't know what those people do when it snows or there's ice -- shoot! i'd have a problem driving on those hills in the rain!!!!! these pictures don't really show how steep the incline was!! i swear it was straight up & definitely straight down!!!! the speed limit was 10 mph -- i don't think i went THAT fast!!!

anyways, i drove UP to this house & BOY was it big!!!! there were no signs, so i parked the car & got out to investigate. it looked like maybe they ran out of money & had to stop building because it didn't look like they'd done anything in a long time. the plywood flooring inside the house was pretty weathered. they sure have a gorgeous view from way up there though!

and just what does a pallet-builder girl find when she's on vacation????


i was sooooo tempted to take them, but decided against it.

i didn't want to get thrown in jail for trespassing AND stealing!!!!!!


Pony and Petey said...

I can't get this house out of my head...I keep dreaming about it! Well, I don't really want the big house...I'd be happy with a cottage on the property... a caretaker's cottage to keep trespassers away??? hahahahaha

Anyhow, thanks so much for driving up there and risking arrest = ) And then for sharing the adventure with us!

nbprov32 said...

There was no address at all?? Do you remember which street it was on? I found a parcel in Hays county that was transferred by death certificate--like the owner passed away... might account for building unfinished. If you have any other info i can do some research. :-)

dorothy erdely said...

nb - i don't take skyline drive to get to it though. we should buy this house though. you pay for it, i'll finish building it & decorate it & we'll open a bed & breakfast!!!!!! oh, i would LOVE to do that!!!!!!