Monday, July 2, 2012

miscellaneous monday stuff

it's been awhile since i did miscellaneous monday stuff.............

*laurie came over tonight & we had dinner & made decorations for the ladies' tea at church

*then we watched a sam elliott movie - "the quick & the dead" (we were in a "shirtless sam elliott mood"!!)

(sorry, girls. that's all you get - savin' the rest for ME!!)

*speaking of sam elliott......i was SOOOO MAD at him the other night!!!!! i stopped at "movie exchange" on westheimer the other day & i found one of his older movies that i didn't have yet, "molly & lawless john". i could have slapped him!!!! first of all, it was an older movie & he's got dark hair - that's ok, but i sure like him with a little grey - but he had NO mustache!!! i love his mustache. sam elliott without a mustache is just no good! second, he was a mean CREEP!!!! he treated the woman in the movie horribly & he admitted it!!!! one of his lines is "*bleep bleep woman! i don't want you! i'm only using you to save my a$$!" "you're not much, but you're better than nothin'." he says & does a lot of other nasty mean things to her - makes her get off the horse & walk through the snow in the middle of nowhere carrying a little orphaned indian baby & he LEAVES them!!! but she loves him!! in the end, she wins & i was glad for her, but hey lady! that's MY sam elliott you just killed!!!!!!!! i cried! i hate it when MY MAN dies in his movies!!! even though i was madder than a hornet at him, i didn't want him to die!!!!

*stephanie over at "the cozy old farmhouse" posted this picture from a cabin where she & her husband went to celebrate their 10th anniversary.......isn't this the cutest little thing you ever saw?!?!?!?!!!

i SO want to do this!!!!! i'm on the lookout for an old watering can now!!!!! and i love the tin shower walls!!! it'd be like rain on a tin roof every time you took a shower!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

*tomorrow night's "stampin' with doris (&nu) night" & wednesday i have off for the 4th. i'm going to go antiqueing!!! maybe i'll find that watering can!

.....or a man who can use a weed eater!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I sure had lots of fun, but that's got to be the yuckiest picture of me ever, I think, haha. You know I don't like pictures of me! DOROTHY MAKES THE BEST CHICKEN FAJITAS!

Anonymous said...

hmmm so the watering can is complaining about the picture?? it is a lovely picture! and fajitas... hmmm she makes good strawberry daquaris too. hee hee not signing my name either and you can just figure it out! MOOOOO!

dorothy erdely said...

NB: i don't understand your comment about the watering can!?!?!?!??? "you got some 'splainin' to do"!!!!!