Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i met a man!

everyone's chomping at the bit wanting to know about my weekend in dallas. where do i start? with what we did, who we saw, where we went? decorating suzanne's apartment? what happened at home while i was gone?

i have a feeling everyone wants to know FIRST about the man i met thursday night!!!!
i don't have any pictures of him, sorry!

the men in marlin, texas, are sooooo nice!!!!

thursday night i was headed to dallas to spend the weekend with suzanne. i usually leave earlier but didn't get on the road til 7:30 pm. i like to go "the back way" up 6 & 35. it's a nicer drive - through the "country", through some little towns. the scenery is much nicer than that on 45. and it's closer to the arlington/fort worth area where suzanne is.

so i'm driving along, got the stereo blasting with my favorite kip moore cd & i'm daydreaming about building a house out in the country. and it's getting dark. it gets REAL dark out in the country!!! there wasn't a whole awful lot of traffic, but i hit a patch where there were lots of semi's & cars. so i had to pull over for awhile in marlin. i didn't really want to, i really just wanted to get to dallas & still had about an hour & a 1/2 to go, but at the moment, it was the best thing to do.

well, i met a man!!! he was really sweet & wanted to know all about me!!! he was genuinely interested. but he really wasn't "my type"-- he had blond hair, no mustache, definitely not a "sam elliott"!!! he had total control of the conversation though & asked me lots of questions. like where i lived, what part of town that was - he said he wasn't real familiar with houston, but he'd been there - he wanted to know where i was headed & when i'd be coming back, what i was going to do while in dallas.....he was really impressed with my car & the fact that i was getting 26 mpg. he wanted to see a picture of me but all i had was the one on my driver's license - he was satisfied with that but for a few minutes i thought he was going to keep it! he finally gave it back to me! he told me i was a "pretty fast woman." i just looked at him with a puzzled stare. he said, "i've had my eye on you for quite awhile." then i noticed he had a wedding ring on his left hand. i thought, "oh, no, i'm in trouble!"

we chatted for a little bit & he said, "stay right here. i've got a present for you in my car." he had been getting a little too personal & i was thinking, "oh, i hope this present isn't an expensive one. i don't want to "owe" this man i just met anything."

when he came back, he handed me my "gift" & asked for my autograph. his last words to me were "well, you have a nice time in dallas this weekend & come back. you have a clean record, so this is just a warning, but please keep it at 70 or below & you'll do just fine!! you'll get to dallas & you might even get better gas mileage!"

ok, i began to breathe again!!!! but, being a "professional blogger", i HAD been thinking "what a great blog post this is going to be!!!"

i set my cruise control at 69 & got to dallas a little over an hour & a 1/2 later.

and officer grote, if you're reading this, by the time i got to dallas i was getting 30 mpg!!!!!! thank you for being such a sweet man & only giving me a warning instead of a speeding ticket!!!!!

and for the record, i set my cruise control the entire way home at 1 mile under the speed limit & didn't see a single (or married!) cop the entire drive home!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i am gonna tell your story! lol glad youare home safe. if you didn't vote--please vote in the runoff today!!

Lady of the Woods said...


Laurie said...

I cannot believe you made me wait to read this on your blog post!!!!!
LOL, how funny.
Heeeeeyyyy, you didn't mention the other things, when's all that coming????

Amy said...

It took me a while to catch on, but when I started telling Ronnie this story, he knew right away what kind of "man" you met. He's met quite a few like this, only he never gets away with just a warning. Except one time when I was with him. :-)

dorothy erdely said...

i was wonderin' how long into the story it would take people to "catch on"!!!! i like being a blogger -- it makes my life so much more interesting!!!!!!!!! glad y'all think so too!!!!!