Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a comment about a comment

"anonymous" posted this comment on my post about the birthday card i made:

"This guy sounds like a great catch!

Any use of the card should be credited to him and possibly given royalties should this turn out to be a "Hallmark" moment..."

several people post anonymously here, so i'm not sure who wrote this, but it sure sounds a lot like something "HE" (the smartest man in the world) would say!!!!

and i know HE read my blog, because he asked for the address.

when i read this comment, lots of funny comments popped into my head, so i decided to "comment about the comment"!'

1. this comment sounds like one coming from an accountant!
2. this guy might be a great catch, but if i caught him, i'd be considered a cougar! HA! ME! a cougar!!! now that's funny! nope, i like my men like i like my junk: "old & rusty"!!!!!
3. however, i've realized that all the single guys at my church (all whopping 3 of them!) don't seem to want to be caught!! they're all pretty fast runners!!! so maybe i should run in the opposite direction & then they'll catch me!!!

after bombarding you with noxious weed pictures, i thought you might like to see some pretty-grass pictures!!

here's the front yard:

(ignore the long grass in front of the landscape bricks --- one day it will be weed eated, or cut with scissors!!!!)

oh, what's this???? a noxious weed, according to the texas roadside vegetation manual!!!! morning glory vine! it grows like crazy in this one corner of my flowerbed. it chokes everything & i'm constantly trying to pull it off & out by the roots, but it keeps on growing. pa pa loves morning glories, & he TRIES to grow it but can't!!!! i'd GLADLY give him this if it would be gone from my yard!!!!

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