Friday, June 29, 2012

come over

OHMYGOODNESS!!!! this is a post i've wanted to write for awhile - it's been in my head for a couple weeks.

OHMYGOODNESS!!!! have you seen kenny chesney's video for his song "come over"?

whew! you need to take a cold shower after watching it!!!!

but his bald head sort of spoils the mood for me!!!!!!

i've never thought he was that good looking, but with his hat on he doesn't look that bad. HOWEVER.......those scenes with no hat! Y.U.C.K.

i like my men with hair!

watch God give me a bald-headed man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no, God, please let him have hair......& a sam elliott mustache!!!

(and a weed eater.)


Laurie said...

um. ok, i believe you!

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

I don't know...bald can be pretty sexy. I changed my mind about bald when I met a (nearly) perfect guy who shaves his head. Keep an open mind...especially if he will run the weed eater!


dorothy erdely said...

ha ha lynn!!! i thought about your husband when i wrote that!!!! i just KNEW you would comment!!!!!! maybe if God gave me a man with hair & he lost it i could handle that!!!!!

only time will tell!!!! (but he can't ever lose his sam elliott mustache!!!!)