Monday, July 16, 2012

i stamped a card tonight - or - what every woman in history has wanted to do.....



it's a birthday card for a friend at church. this card just POPPED into my head the other day while i was floating in the pool. this is what inspired this card:

there's a guy at church that i've been trying to get to help with VBS shoot! i've been trying to get him to help with anything & everything he's an accountant & doesn't like to get his fingernails dirty!!!!!

so every year i ask him "are you going to help with vbs?" his answer every year is "NO!"

this year i asked him "are you going to help with vbs?" his answer was "i was thinkin' about it."

OMG!!!! pick me up off the floor!!!!

he said "what do i have to do?" i said "help me in crafts." he said "what do i have to do?"

i said "whatever i say!"

so a week goes by.

i asked him if he turned in his vbs worker registration sheet. he says "no, i need one." so i gave him one i had in my bulletin. later i think to myself, "he's not gonna fill it out. i should have filled it out for him & turned it in."

well, my friend joyce (the church secretary) emails me a couple days later & says "'br@n*' turned in his vbs worker registration sheet. & for "what area do you want to work in" he put an * and down at the bottom of his form he wrote "*apparently i'm to do whatever dorothy erdely says."

WOW!!!!!! after all these years, i've FINALLY TRAINED A MAN TO DO WHATEVER I SAY!!!!!!

and apparently the rest of the men at church are catching on too......yesterday after potluck, the men were putting away the tables & chairs & one of them came up to me & said "do you need the round tables put out for the ladies' tea this weekend?" i said "well we were going to put them up friday, but if you men are willing to do it, great!!! put them up!" one of the little old ladies saw them putting up the round tables & she asked one of them, "why are you putting up the round tables?" he said
"BECAUSE DOROTHY ERDELY SAID TO!" she just looked at him & said "oh." !!!!!!

so girls, my job is done. i have accomplished what every woman in history has wanted to do! there's just one more man that i need to train & then i will really be done & will be a success!!! but he subscribes to that old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

you crack me up!! and if anyone asks why i sign with my initials it is cause DOROTHY SAID TO!! lol.

dorothy erdely said...

and YOU crack ME up!!!!!!

Lady of the Woods said...

this IS hysterical, and you always crack me up too....and yes, agreed, its what every woman has wanted. and I think I'll make a version of your divinely inspired card!! what a gem! blessings, lady

Anonymous said...

Well congratulations!


Laurie said...

Hilarious! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a great catch!

Any use of the card should be credited to him and possibly given royalties should this turn out to be a "Hallmark" moment...